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coronavirus/covid, epidemiology 

Have you ever played the board game Pandemic? Hard to play nowadays, but it has at least one important lesson in it:

You can develop a cure for each of the 4 diseases, and you can, once you have a cure, eradicate a disease.

However, you win by cures, not eradications. And pursuing eradication will, in almost all cases, lose you the game.

Covid ain't gonna be eradicated. But we can reach a world where we can manage it.

I need more late-night west-coast friends. One hour further west and now I'm regularly awake when all my social world has gone to bed.

I miss late-night conversations and late-night cafés and sitting there coding and chatting.

There was a local coffee place in Denver called the Bardo that I would sit at and work on my own projects while my friends were dancing at the club. It closed at 2am, just about when they were wrapping up, and I could be their DD to get them home safely.

I miss that.

I think it's time for a new pinned intro post. So here are some of my interests, in rough groupings:

- and generally

- and
- and

- and and
- (especially with and )

- and
- , , and
- and

Also I'm always interested in whatever you're geeking out about!

I tend to keep my screaming-into-the-void out of Mastodon, having one-on-one conversations with friends. But I could use CWs more here, if I wanted to share that stuff here. It's nice to know I have options.

But I still think this is mostly for one-on-one conversations.

Made my godmother's brownie recipe last night, but had to improvise the "ground chocolate" as you can't find that around here for love nor money. It turned out well, but definitely less chocolate-y.

I’m really into that idea I saw (via a link from the hellbirdsite) of using meme-images as templates for tarot readings. It’s using one interpretive lens through another interpretive lens, and that’s just a fun semiotic spiral.

Current favs:
- Solidarity arms
- “Is this a?” Butterfly
- Distracted Boyfriend
- Galaxy Brain

What others would you say would make a good tarot spread?

Allie took this lovely photo of me today, and it'll be my new avatar for a while anyway!

Moments after this picture was taken, we nearly walked into a black bear on the trail.

Source sadly not noted; if you know who put this together, please let me know.

Tonight, I made for dinner colcannon and it was, let me tell you, sublime. The best colcannon I have ever made.

It was a somewhat wide-ranging one: boiled the potatoes (skin on, because nutrients and flavour!), sautéed up half a head of cabbage and half a red onion, sautéed up a bunch of diced mushrooms with rosemary, chopped and fried up some bacon. Mashed the potatoes and added in some butter and some of this amazing local sour cream, mixed everything together.

The thing I'm curious about with Dracula Daily: you know the entries in the book aren't always in chronological order, right? Sometimes it hops around a bit to follow a conversation or topic.

Today brought me a new Stan Rogers song I'd never heard before, and it's good.

What wonders and bounties, etc.

Sometimes, you spend some weeks bouncing around between different music, nothing quite fitting, like you're looking for something, and then your patron saint drops a new single that is just what you were looking for.

My simple principles of making your time online a bit happier.

Read the whole post or thread.
Ask questions kindly.
Remember that not every post is for you.
You don't need to reply.
Don't worry what others think.
Write your own posts.
Speak with good motivation.
Let go of seeking praise.
Let go of avoiding blame.
Don't let others decide your worth.

#feditips #happiness

The other benefit of making a habit of including a help type when you post about political topics is that it promotes mindfulness. If you can't honestly figure out a help type to put in the CW, then maybe the post isn't helpful. Which isn't necessarily required — you're allowed to express an opinion or share a news story — but thinking about it more often may help you focus and clarify your political engagement.

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Been mulling the objection that CWs limit the reach of useful political info…

One solution would be to add a HELP TYPE to the CW. For example:

> uspol, environment, event

"Event" would signal that the post is not just about those topics, but also suggests a practical response. My bet is that more people will open a post that empowers them.

Help types could be:
• event — where/when to go
• fund — where to give
• organizing — building groups
• support — where to get it
• tactic — what to do

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Oh @welshpixie that reminds me: I was walking in the park the other day and someone was playing Suo Gân on the ocarina. I joined in singing it in Welsh and got a confused look, then she put down her ocarina to sing some in English!

Today's an English folk music day, with grey low-lying clouds outside.

Steeleye, Watersons, Bellamy, inter alia. I feel like this might resonate with @megueyb.

A little evening domača kava and rain coming down outside. Coding on a personal project. This is a good feeling right here, right now.

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