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I drew this comic a while back, and with the start of another pride month with another slew of terrifying things going on, here is my comic about Feeling Safe and lashing out against the phrase "you don't have to make your sexuality your whole personality"

CW for describing a memory of people being transphobic, but I think it's worth not blurring the entire comic for it

The cardinal sin of coordination software - the thing that makes everyone hate JIRA or Asana or what have you - is mistaking the tool for the process.

Charlie Brown: But with all this commercialism and decoration and money, can someone just tell me what Pride is really about?

Linus: *Hands Charlie Brown a brick, gestures at a cop*

*Jazzy piano music plays*

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The reason I bring this up: I long for a similar place, a third-space to be in late at night, ideally with tea and maybe a pastry and wifi, CRJ in my headphones and in the groove coding.

I've never found quite this style of café outside of the US, but does anyone in the greater Vancouver area know of something like this around here?

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There are three coffee shops I love more than any others:

1. Trident, Boulder, CO. Community owned, warm wood interior, booths, wood-burning stove for winter days, amazing tea selection, back patio for summer days. Used to be open to 11pm, now 9pm.

2. Bardo, Denver, CO. Funky (mostly wood) interior, booths, good teas, used to be open until 2am, now midnight. Used to have the best website, just a plain text file.

3. Behive, Pittsburgh, PA. All punk/funk, open until 11pm-2am, depending on day.

At the gym, big garage doors open letting in the gentle summery air and smell of malt from the breweries. I think I might enjoy this summer, instead of dreading it like I did in Colorado.

You've heard of "number go up" but have you tried "number stay about the same but everyone is chill and has a pretty good time"?

I wonder if it's just me or if other people are also noticing how the big corporate side of the internet is totally broken.

Google search results all lead to pages that don't exist or are paywalled or non-functional without allowing tracking.

Amazon listings are mostly scams, reviews are for totally different products.

I used to look at these things to compare with what I was doing elsewhere, but now when I do it just seems kafkaesque how broken it all is.

In organizational contexts, please use the word "owns" responsibly. For example, any time someone asks "who owns this component," recall that you each signed an intellectual property assignment agreement as part of your employment: the answer is 123456789 Ontario Inc., or similar, and not "I think that was Alex."

Delete your meme channels

I am not taking questions at this time

Inching closer to a closed alpha of this playtest-doc sharing (and discussing?) site. I’ve got a short list of initial testers, but who wants to get in round two? Hit me up!

USA, school shootings, cannibalism, grisly Goya paintings 

“Saturn is surprised that he is devouring his own child, but he doesn’t stop. Perhaps he cannot. Perhaps he is surprised that he cannot stop, and is frozen in perpetual carnage and bewilderment.

“I think of this painting because I live in a country that devours its children, and professes bewilderment each time.”

Talia Lavin is on fire in this one: theswordandthesandwich.substac

coronavirus/covid, epidemiology 

Have you ever played the board game Pandemic? Hard to play nowadays, but it has at least one important lesson in it:

You can develop a cure for each of the 4 diseases, and you can, once you have a cure, eradicate a disease.

However, you win by cures, not eradications. And pursuing eradication will, in almost all cases, lose you the game.

Covid ain't gonna be eradicated. But we can reach a world where we can manage it.

I need more late-night west-coast friends. One hour further west and now I'm regularly awake when all my social world has gone to bed.

I miss late-night conversations and late-night cafés and sitting there coding and chatting.

There was a local coffee place in Denver called the Bardo that I would sit at and work on my own projects while my friends were dancing at the club. It closed at 2am, just about when they were wrapping up, and I could be their DD to get them home safely.

I miss that.

I think it's time for a new pinned intro post. So here are some of my interests, in rough groupings:

- and generally

- and
- and

- and and
- (especially with and )

- and
- , , and
- and

Also I'm always interested in whatever you're geeking out about!

I tend to keep my screaming-into-the-void out of Mastodon, having one-on-one conversations with friends. But I could use CWs more here, if I wanted to share that stuff here. It's nice to know I have options.

But I still think this is mostly for one-on-one conversations.

Made my godmother's brownie recipe last night, but had to improvise the "ground chocolate" as you can't find that around here for love nor money. It turned out well, but definitely less chocolate-y.

I’m really into that idea I saw (via a link from the hellbirdsite) of using meme-images as templates for tarot readings. It’s using one interpretive lens through another interpretive lens, and that’s just a fun semiotic spiral.

Current favs:
- Solidarity arms
- “Is this a?” Butterfly
- Distracted Boyfriend
- Galaxy Brain

What others would you say would make a good tarot spread?

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