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Heroes can inspire, lift us up, and show us what's possible.

But hero worship can bend from adoration to the surrender of agency.

We place our hopes in the hero, hoping they can save us. A trap.

We must become heroes ourselves.

A very helpful user got in touch with me to say he hadn't gotten a confirmation email and couldn't log in. Turns out, SendGrid was having trouble and I didn't know it was down!

If you've tried to sign up and didn't get a notification email, get in touch and I'll sort out your login!

I just learned today about the extent to which a project I started as an undergrad has grown, helped indigenous communities worldwide who speak endangered languages, and brought in a lot of grant money to my undergrad advisor's lab (which, knowing him, mostly goes to paying students who work there) over its lifetime.

I'm a little floored. Sometimes, a thing you think is some minor bit of your personal history turns out to have touched many many more people, for the better.

If I am learning anything from this experience, this thing that is 2020, it's that setting reasonable and caring goals for myself, rather than insisting I do ALL THE THINGS, is very good.

I'm trying to remember to post here myself. It's easy to slip into treating this as a consumption medium, and forgetting to contribute!

I think that's been hard to do because life has been:
- Caretaking.
- Pondering the uncertainty of the future.
- Work.
- Anticipating multiple future things to talk about that I can't talk about yet.

It leaves one feeling like one has very little to add, ex nihilo. But I'll try!

my head is aching to beat the band, and a big WHOMP of snow just tumbled down the chimney behind me. today is canceled.

Note: universal basic income without constraints on current rentier power inequities doesn’t do anything for the common citizen or the common good. That’s just a cash spigot for landlords. UBI need to be accompanied by laws making rents illegal.

My software is “free” as in “cats.” It even comes with small but itchy bugs.

I also, over this past week, made two usability fixes, one API fix to clear the path for an interface improvement, and diagnosed another layout issue that led to a quick fix, all on Making it better. Still need to grapple with fixing the entire tangled backend code structure, then fixing the API surface to be more Standards-y.

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I made some strides on Roughcast this weekend. Nearly wrote "Roughcast made some strides" and thus completely de-agentivized myself. What does this say about how I think about programming projects?

Federation is the place people go when they don't want to be part of, or subject to, centrally controlled systems. It is also where people go when they've finally been kicked off those systems. The fediverse isn't inherently progressive, and without robust shared defensive measures - both against centralization and against bad actors -it will go the way of Usenet.

OK, so, this project is good fun and relaxing, but will take longer than I thought. A lot of what I'm doing is working things out longhand until I figure out a good pattern for abstracting over it.

This will eat into my time to do other things. Which would be fine, if I weren't already feeling underwater.

Time to cull. I am gonna be in a monomaniac project mode for a bit, I think.

I used Pincelate (a machine learning model of phonetics and spelling I've been working on) to name the deadly sins in between the other deadly sins


More wild wolves in California. Small springs of hope.

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Another Soviet poster that still rings painfully true

To the people essentially saying that “wealth inequality has existed before” it has never been to this extent before. There have never been this many living in poverty. The rich have never been this absurdly rich before. Billionaires have only existed since last century. And there’s an entire genre of really shitty food which exists purely for the sake of being expensive.

Rich American douchebags and 21st century wealth inequality are putting people like Amenhotep III and Louis XIV to shame.

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