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Computer Secrets!

💻 Most computers flower only once every 100 years, but some flower and bear fruit each year if well watered and cared for

💻 The opposite of a computer is ghosts

💻 We all just pretend UNIX exists

💻 Processor cycles are marketing hype. We have all been on a 24-hour processor cycle since the early 1990s

💻 The Bible was originally written and compiled in QBASIC

💻 "USB keys" is the scientific term for computer egg sacs

💻 Variables with $ in their names are only usable by premium coders

according to my research, YouTube could remove its recommendation algorithm entirely tomorrow and it would still be one of the largest sources of far-right propaganda and radicalization online.

Beware of totalizing relationships - with people and with products and services.

In both cases, institutional experts thoroughly ignored centuries, and arguably millenia, of *successful* management of common resources in order to justify stealing those resources for the rich.

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Lloyd's writings remain influential in economics studies today, but the term really took off after a Canadian, H. Scott Gordon, adapted it to justify taking fisheries from Canadian first nations.

Gordon died last year.

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The term "tragedy of the commons" was coined pretty much from whole cloth by a 19th-century English economist, who wanted a just-so story on why it was okay for the king to take the commons from the public and give it to the wealthy to "manage" for profit.

It's propaganda, in other words.

Ethically sourced goods with Fair Trade labels may cost more, but they help ensure better conditions for farmers in impoverished countries. And that’s important, considering how many things, like sugar and chocolate, are farmed.

I like to cultivate the attitude that, if I can’t afford something without relying on post-imperialist systems of exploitation, then I can’t afford it at all.

I memed a meme in days gone byyyyy
When hope was high and life worth living
I memed that love would never diiiiiiie
I memed that God would be for<voice breaks>giving

"Most narratives about connectivity -- often pitched by Big Tech -- use slogans like: “Connecting the next billion”, “Bringing access worldwide”, “Connecting the unconnected”, and so on. Those projects are mostly one-size-fits-all. The basic difference to community networks’ approach is that we work within communities’ realities, instead of delivering top-down, ready-made solutions."

-Bruna Zanolli on community networks,

Uh oh, I got a new . Hand-carved in naturally shed moose antler, and it's a delight to write with.

tfw you want to go to orkney and unmake the entire rest of the world

#YoMigroAMastodon or "I Migrate to Mastodon" is the top trending Twitter hashtag right now in Spain, and number 37 worldwide, following more censorship of leftist content and suspension of accounts on birdsite.

Give it another few years, folks, and Twitter will be dead. They can't keep playing this game much longer. Their top trending hashtag on their own platform is one that promotes moving away from the platform, as a result of their own actions. That's... incredibly bad.

Let's show our support for our Spanish comrades, and help them find a home on the Fediverse. It's important that the transition from Twitter isn't temporary.


Muestremos nuestro apoyo a nuestros camaradas españoles y ayúdelos a encontrar un hogar en Fediverse. Es importante que la transición de Twitter no sea temporal.

Vaya a estas URL para obtener más información y obtener ayuda sobre cómo migrar:


Seeing "yay winter solstice, soon more sunshine" comments, and honestly? I don't mean to be edgy, but I could do with some more deep and dark.

Some serious spiritual bypassing happening at the table next to me at this café. But unusual for Boulder, it's christo-centric, not hippie-buddhist.

For any potential pedants: "continuity" is not the same as "equivalence"

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Despite a few people who have attained a measure of celebrity and modest wealth, the vast majority of people making money from youtube or patreon or whatever are doing it as a side hustle to supplement other sources of income. Whatever we might say about the effectiveness of a youtube boycott, it is a form of precarious work that is not theorized in classical marxist texts, and is certainly not equivalent to the old category of the artisan.

Because it is a byproduct of capitalism forcing increasing amounts of risk onto individualised workers and in the process atomising the working class as a body, I'm more inclined to see it in continuity with other forms of "hustle work", like hawking wares on street corners, and gig work like rideshare driving.

As the structure and expression of political economy changes, our analysis has to adapt as well.

I could write longform things on my blog. Why don't I? I think it feels like it has to be Thoughtful Thinks, not "hey I had fun playing a video game last night, here's the story".

Huh. Chewing on that.

On a bus, thence to a train, thence to family gathering on the shores of Michi Gami in Neshnabé and Myaamia lands. The snow comes down and I am glad to be travelling overland.

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