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Found another right-wing instance that I'm gonna block, as they, are, as far as I can tell, just bots and conspiracy theories.

Whenever a web browser, operating system, or web site gains dominance among users, it stops being cool and starts becomes blatantly abusive.

This Chromium nonsense is just more of what we saw from Internet Explorer.

Every generation of geeks learns this anew, and acts all shocked. Learn some history, folks. Learn from those who came before.

Stop supporting only one platform. Variety is ESSENTIAL. Monocultures are death. #sysadmin

Hey folks using ! I have a new feature. Search!

*Because I believe in privacy-first design, you have to opt in to search.*

If you're logged in, you can go to and add aliases, names someone might know you by and try to search for you under. You can also flip the "include me in search" toggle if you wanna be searchable.

All your aliases will show up on your profile, so, y'know, only include that really embarrassing one if you wanna.

My games alt, @wlonk, is blowin' up with notifications about because I guess I originally tooted about it there. Oops! In any case, I'm gonna toot about it here in case folks are interested and might find it useful.

When I started this piece about racist tropes in Tolkien's orcs, I knew orcs were a racist stereotype. I didn't realize orcs were a stereotype OF ASIANS SPECIFICALLY. Orcs, Britons, and the Martial Race Myth, Part I: A Species Built for Racial Terror

Everyone using, thank you so much! We passed 100 users while I wasn't looking, and it's really exciting. I hope this is useful to everyoneβ€”right now it's just the bare minimum, but I want to make it more useful to you all, while keeping it as aggressively simple as I can. Don't hesitate to get in touch and let me know what I can do to improve it for you. discourse 

Just a reminder that the big hype around among far-right types isn't just that it openly welcomes them (there have been several sites built for that), but that it can also get their bullshit out to people who AREN'T fascists via federation

Don't let that happen. They're relying on admins and users giving them the benefit of the doubt. Ask your instance mods to defederate and, failing that, mute them

tfw you realize you've been mispronouncing "Urgell" for years and are embarrassed.

(Yes, I talk about Andorra that much. No, I don't know why. Yes, I know why. Yes, it's because of hilarious border history nonsense.)

Nap turns into insomnia, but the best thing to do when you are lying in bed unable to sleep is get out of bed and do something else.

Tonight, that's gonna be thinking about how I've been rage-reading a few stories lately, really actively disliking them.

For Gen-Z and younger millennials, there's actually a lot of social cachet attached to being an "influencer," i.e. hawking some brand's wares, i.e. selling out. According to that Atlantic article, it's now gone so far that people are *pretending* to sell out, to try to impress their friends or land sponsorships. For anyone from Gen X this would be downright baffling.

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Hey if you like Django, Django REST Framework, and Django Channels, I wrote a thing that might interest you:

Un libstu mikh mit varer libe,
To kum tzu mir, mayn guter shats.
Un hayter oyf mayn harts, dos tribe,
Un makh mir zis mayn rue plats.

Impartiality in any case isn't the right goal. Too many people mistake impartiality for fairness, equality for justice. Your goal should be equitable treatment, not impartiality.

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Back in the GTalk days, you could talk to your entire Google contacts list via federated XMPP.

So even back then I had way more contacts on XMPP than GNUSocial or Identica.

Google played a large role in killing off XMPP usage and the day they announced sunsetting GTalk was when I realized they're just another embrace-extend-extinguish monopolist.

Society needs self-hostable, scalable and functional alternatives to surveillance capitalist systems of manipulation and censorship.

I'm also thinking about our (hi, yes, Germanic language) final segment devoicing. There's a pattern there (I've been noticing variation between "hundred" and "hundret") but I haven't identified it yet. It looks like it might be stress-conditioned though?

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American English is surprisingly nasalized. I regularly hear speakers say "tenant" when they mean "tenet", and OK, that's fine, it's after a nasal segment, but I also heard an English speaker conflate "punta" and "puta" the other day in Spanishβ€”because we tend to just have low-grade nasalization.

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