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@nickwedig I'd add sensory details: what it looks, smells, sounds, feels like. This opens the door, for me, to a lot of "who notices when you use it", too.

@rthorm @anmwinter @paulczege I love this idea (I always love sailing vessels) and would be happy to bounce ideas!

@lumpley @Sandra @JoshuaACNewman

I only recently learned that the use of "stan" as a verb comes from a murder ballad that Eminem wrote. It's a delightful and living tradition.

(YES YES i am behind on modern anything.)

@lumpley @paulczege Oh, I think I saw that around somewhere, yeah, I think Meg put it down somewhere in the kitchen (no, it doesn't help)

@platypus We put an old couch that may have had ringworm spores in it by the dumpster and in the time it took for us to go back inside and write a note that said "may have ringworm" it was already gone. Good luck to whoever took it.

@lumpley (Also, thank you for asking me this, it has me listening to a lot of GREAT music.)

@lumpley As far as song-type goes, is this in the right direction:

(Obviously, none of the versions here have the line you mention, but.)

@lumpley I'm neck-deep in Mainly Norfolk looking for connections now.

@lumpley @JoshuaACNewman that right there is where ghosts come from. We haunt ourselves. Just sayin'.

@lumpley if I can, it won't be immediate. This'll be in my head for days.

birdsite quite possible

coronavirus/covid, epidemiology 

Have you ever played the board game Pandemic? Hard to play nowadays, but it has at least one important lesson in it:

You can develop a cure for each of the 4 diseases, and you can, once you have a cure, eradicate a disease.

However, you win by cures, not eradications. And pursuing eradication will, in almost all cases, lose you the game.

Covid ain't gonna be eradicated. But we can reach a world where we can manage it.

@mastohost I love this, I think it's important, and I think it's a perspective on project goals and governance more projects could use.

birdsite it takes active work and time (facilitated with the local and federated timelines) to find folks to follow.

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