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@Sandra See, that's also part of where the 🇺🇸 calibration is different from the 🇸🇪 calibration: I think that a US approach might be to see "you marked the obvious thing, are you saying I can't see what's obvious?" as the offensive one, and "you marked what's not obvious, maybe we need to come to some understanding here" as not offensive.

(Not sure of that, of course, but I suspect it!)

I need more late-night west-coast friends. One hour further west and now I'm regularly awake when all my social world has gone to bed.

I miss late-night conversations and late-night cafés and sitting there coding and chatting.

There was a local coffee place in Denver called the Bardo that I would sit at and work on my own projects while my friends were dancing at the club. It closed at 2am, just about when they were wrapping up, and I could be their DD to get them home safely.

I miss that.

I think it's time for a new pinned intro post. So here are some of my interests, in rough groupings:

- and generally

- and
- and

- and and
- (especially with and )

- and
- , , and
- and

Also I'm always interested in whatever you're geeking out about!

I tend to keep my screaming-into-the-void out of Mastodon, having one-on-one conversations with friends. But I could use CWs more here, if I wanted to share that stuff here. It's nice to know I have options.

But I still think this is mostly for one-on-one conversations.

Made my godmother's brownie recipe last night, but had to improvise the "ground chocolate" as you can't find that around here for love nor money. It turned out well, but definitely less chocolate-y.

@Yukari My version of this was spilling my water for tea on my journal, destroying pages of water-soluble ink.

@cyancqueak hmm, I only see room for one card there. Is this a one card spread!?

I’m really into that idea I saw (via a link from the hellbirdsite) of using meme-images as templates for tarot readings. It’s using one interpretive lens through another interpretive lens, and that’s just a fun semiotic spiral.

Current favs:
- Solidarity arms
- “Is this a?” Butterfly
- Distracted Boyfriend
- Galaxy Brain

What others would you say would make a good tarot spread?

@eearroyo1312 The "proper" thing is to back away, but we turned around; then again, the ground was uneven, and backing away we would likely have tripped and made the situation worse, so?

@eearroyo1312 We made good choices. Those choices were to walk away loudly and not pause for pictures.

I've seen people do stupid things for wildlife photos on the trail before, and chided them. Not gonna be that person!

Allie took this lovely photo of me today, and it'll be my new avatar for a while anyway!

Moments after this picture was taken, we nearly walked into a black bear on the trail.

Source sadly not noted; if you know who put this together, please let me know.

food, #vegan, bulk shopping 

@continuation ah I see and understand now!

food, #vegan, bulk shopping 

@continuation You're in BC, right? Can you get where you are? I really like what they provide.

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