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@eearroyo1312 when you're :heart_bi: and ✡️, you need to always go to "Personal life" for :heart_pride: reasons and "Early life" for ✡️ reasons. Lately, I've also added in 🇨🇦 to my "Early life" checking, but weirdly, my 🇨🇦 sense is the most reliable of all of these.

Tonight, I made for dinner colcannon and it was, let me tell you, sublime. The best colcannon I have ever made.

It was a somewhat wide-ranging one: boiled the potatoes (skin on, because nutrients and flavour!), sautéed up half a head of cabbage and half a red onion, sautéed up a bunch of diced mushrooms with rosemary, chopped and fried up some bacon. Mashed the potatoes and added in some butter and some of this amazing local sour cream, mixed everything together.

re: racism, busch (so svpol obv) 

@Sandra Yeah. The point is "look it doesn't cohere, it's built on Othering."

re: racism, busch (so svpol obv) 

@Sandra The details are actually complex, but mostly as a "think about what you're saying" style joke.

racism, busch (so svpol obv) 

@Sandra amen, also I'm still trying to get "Christianist" to happen as a term.

@Sandra And we have brought it back full circle from Colorado to Japan.

@Sandra @paulczege The best haiku I ever wrote:


Omatsuri de,
Kitsune mo odoru.
Mite, yuuhi.

At the festival,
Even the fox is dancing,
As the sun sinks low.

And that mask is, for me, *that* fox that I saw dancing at *that* matsuri.

@paulczege @Sandra I guess I still have that account, but I only use my main these days! Also never seen that show. Spent a good decade in Boulder, somehow skipped it.

The thing I'm curious about with Dracula Daily: you know the entries in the book aren't always in chronological order, right? Sometimes it hops around a bit to follow a conversation or topic.

@cyancqueak @lumpley A complex question, but for me, at the level of analysis I'm doing, it counts! Because, to me, there are these folks who are looking back at the past just out of living memory going "that was clearly better" and trying to recreate it without understanding the larger context and complexities of it.

@lumpley Mmm. Based on what I (think I) know, "replaced" may be a word that is doing a lot of work there. We have a lot of sources of evidence that the material living conditions of almost everyone dropped pretty badly, and in that sense, I think I would call it "post-apocalyptic".

But "invasion", yeah, I am pretty skeptical of invasion narratives around this myself—like most everywhere in the empire, the "barbarians" were already cultural partners and present.

@lumpley Interesting. I may approach it with a dollop of skepticism, but that's the best way to approach many interesting things!

Today brought me a new Stan Rogers song I'd never heard before, and it's good.

What wonders and bounties, etc.

@lumpley that, and a weird desire for a demesne-management "downtime" move?

@lumpley tbh the notes i have are heavily inspired by the feelings i got from apocalypse world dark age and from the recognition that england's post-roman experience was more post-apocalyptic than most of the rest of the formerly-roman-empire's was.

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