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@skyfaller the downside is that Sir Tim felt it was dee-lite-ful that www was better written than spoken.

@mhoye why did i click a birdsite link

the comments (remember when we said "don't read the comments" and now there's an entire site that's just comments?) are all people not understanding the concept of "racist".

joint pain 

@clinkingdog Start with air squats, add weight as you start to feel able.

joint pain 

@clinkingdog Deadlifts, and to a lesser degree, squats. I am serious.

Bringing food to friends will have to suffice. Can't make a meal and share it together.

@selfsame trying so hard to resist, but, no, I fail: "We must imagine Sisyphus thirsty" augh there I said it.

Today, I clean, have some pie, and maybe write? Yeah. That sounds good.

@InvaderXan the latter helps folks be unclear what it's short for, I guess? But I'm sure they'd find a way to be, ahem, profa even if they had to be more overt about it.

(The natural American English abbreviation would be antifash, and I don't know why we don't use that here?)

@jk it's pretty much been like that since Prince Albert died.

@InvaderXan amen, tell that to my social circles. I wish more hearing folks would sign!

@InvaderXan I feel you. The last language I spent time learning was ASL, which I adore, but it was a fascinating time learning a language that has no written component!

I have a constant background desire to learn more Dutch and Swahili, for talking with some of my extended family, and Russian because I love the sound of it.

@envgen some of us are lucky to have always had super gender ambiguous names, but presentation, uff, I feel seen, thank you.

pandemic β€’ numbers β€’ frustration 

@InvaderXan just a note, TZ is not reporting cases; there's well-founded suspicion that they do have cases.

That said, strong agree with your general point.

@mhoye I understand what you're saying, but New York/Scorsese is deluded if they think Philly's gonna do anything New York tells them to.

uspol future shenanigans 

@mhoye Entirely plausible (see Nixon) but: you can't blanket pre-emptive pardon against future charges, you can't pardon from state charges.

American election β€’ social media fallout 

@InvaderXan Ah, no, I getcha.

American election β€’ social media fallout 

@InvaderXan I wish I could share my experiences of this space with you. They're a lot more like the Tumblr ones you describe! I'm sorry you're getting the worst of it.

@sixohsix @Gargron Last watched it Oct 2017, shortly after Gord Downie died, and remember saying exactly that. It perfectly captured a Moment in Toronto.

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