@InvaderXan It is! But when you're, all three, a superpower, parochial af, and deeply marked by engineered divides, it's gonna happen I guess. And joy of joys, it's everyone else who has to deal with the US's bullshit, as usual.

@InvaderXan It's damn tempting to reply glibly with a "reason" that is about US two-party politics, but to be real instead: most Americans have no experience of the world outside the US. And in the US, *everything* is mapped to the Team Red vs Team Blue culture war. It's that simple, really.

@vicorva For me, it's usually my fridge's compressor going; my mic is to close to it and it's been impractical to relocate it so far.


@sixohsix A few decades of a concerted effort by people who espouse the "government absolutely cannot be competent"' ideology to *get into government themselves* and make that true. That's how.

...literal plague year?? 

@InvaderXan Bubonic plague crops up not irregularly in Mongolia and the US Southwest, I hear. That, at least, doesn't have me alarmed, yet.

To the people essentially saying that β€œwealth inequality has existed before” it has never been to this extent before. There have never been this many living in poverty. The rich have never been this absurdly rich before. Billionaires have only existed since last century. And there’s an entire genre of really shitty food which exists purely for the sake of being expensive.

Rich American douchebags and 21st century wealth inequality are putting people like Amenhotep III and Louis XIV to shame.

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@esvrld As a linguist and a computer scientist, let me say: YES PLEASE SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS this is so good.

@nolan Totally! I just mean to help show why folks might take a hard stance against Google. It's easy to see companies that have a track record of it (remember, Google did this to XMPP) as likely to do it again.

@nolan "the most funding and the most future-facing work" is also exactly what the "extend" phase of "embrace, extend, extinguish" looks like, though.

i cannot find the old post where i said this so i'm gonna write it again:

everyone intuitively already knows that the economy is already planned. it's centrally planned in boardrooms of massive corporations to get the largest value for their shareholders. this is why you can google and find nerds excitedly speculating about marvel movies that will come out in 2025. it's only when we're asked to think about it that we revert to the grade-school propaganda idea of the market, supply and demand, and capitalism as something that just "happens," without conscious outside prodding.

the difference between capitalism and socialism isn't central planning, it's that under socialism the planning serves the needs of the whole population, rather than increasing the profits of a tiny few.

JK TERFling and the Horrifyingly Anti-Queer Pen Name 

@InvaderXan TIL 😬

That's one of those "on its own, a coincidence, but with all the rest, not a chance in hell" things.

@InvaderXan I like to play "new world/old world" sometimes, where someone names a plant, and everyone has to guess whether it's indigenous to the new or old worlds.

Dream meditation 

@InvaderXan Ah, excellent! I had misunderstood that it was meditating on the dream you just woke from.

Dream meditation 

@InvaderXan I love the idea, but 100% chance I would fall asleep again. I'm a bit of a hyper sleeper. Broke my thumb in my sleep once and didn't wake up.

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