@aphyr gawd, reminds me of how, as a linguist, I can become unable to talk because of analysis of my own talking. Sexology must be rough.

@aphyr Yeah, I didn't quite take a year off, but close enough, and ufffffff, feel ya

@nev I feel like HBO's speciality is "Look, so Historical!" when it's acutely and blatantly not.

Just typo'ed a servername while reconnecting to an IRC channel, and accidentally put in libera dot net instead of the correct dot chat, and you wouldn't believe where I found myself: Back on Freenode. Who've apparently secured that domain, and are using it to try to trick people back on to their services.

@aphyr This is how I feel looking at my ship drawings, down to the specific complaint of getting ropes wrong…

Remember when you could easily run out of internet and then go outside?

I really need to convey the shape of the hull here. Constitution doesn't have a lot of tumblehome, but this looks like a floating brick.

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USS Constitution, from a reference. Getting better, practice by practice, I hope.

This one's a lot less dynamic than the one from imagination before, but it let me focus on getting the rigging right.

Better tools help, too: I can do dynamic pressure shading now.

@amatecha Ach! Let me know if there are any further problems, but sounds like it'll work.

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