@sixohsix Usually it goes through a hyperfoamy phase before it settles in to active, healthy, and sustainable.

Reading through some haggadot and feeling, so very acutely right now, how Quaker my Judaism is.


"On Monday, workers say they will refuse to accept orders until Instacart provides hazard pay of an additional $5 an order, free safety gear (hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and soap) to workers, and expands its paid sick leave to include workers with pre-existing conditions who have been advised by their doctors not to work at this time. Workers say the strike will last until Instacart agrees to these terms."


Old term: dad jokes.

Updated terminology: corny on main.

Take half an hour out of your day and watch this, then get it in front of some friends, and change your social media watching habits: youtube.com/watch?v=pvqa8dsBtn

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People are realizing that their new "work from home" venture capitalist tools are not privacy friendly.

In my remote work guide, I've included ethical alternatives to Slack, Zoom etc. These are @matrixdotorg@twitter.com @RiotChat@twitter.com @jitsinews@twitter.com @taigaio@twitter.com @basecamp@twitter.com πŸ‘‡


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it’s weird how β€œdon’t want atrocities to happen” is considered an extremist political position

post-covid19, a new social society 

Sometimes I feel like humans are almost exactly pessimal at picking leaders.

covid ; climate ; + 

Things that are looking pretty broadly reasonable right now:

- Nationalize, + plan for a managed decline of, airline & oil industries
- Universal basic income (or better yet, universal basic outcomes)
- Reversing decades of cuts to public healthcare and education
- Internet = a public utility and universal right

Amazon. Again.

Global pandemic is a windfall for them. Don’t feed their greed.
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"even though Amazon is encouraging workers to wash their hands, it’s not giving them enough time to do so, Bailey said. The nearest bathroom is a 2-3-minute walk in each direction" washingtonpost.com/technology/

LRT: Hey, if you can and if you weren't already, boycott Amazon.

Approximately every employee under the sun: We are curtailing hours or closing stores to avoid worsening this already-dire situation, we will do our best to keep our employees paid during this difficult time.

Jeff Bezos:

Remember how Trump ordered the National Security Council's entire global health security unit (including a renowned pandemics expert team) to be shut down in May 2018?

Trump: "I'm a business person, I don't like having thousands of people around when you don't need them. When we need them, we can get them back very quickly."

Well, as it turns out, the administration cannot actually reassemble such a team "very quickly".


English "be a man" = be tough


Yiddish "zay a mentsh" = be kind, be generous, do the right thing

in capitalist America, money spends you 

Star Trek Discovery β€’ almost a spoiler 

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