I've been to a fairly large number of countries, I suppose, but almost all of them are places where I have family. (Rough guide: if it was subject to British imperialism, I have family there.)

I need to go to places where I don't. There are so many *more* parts of the world to see.

Saw a black bear as we were walking home today. Just wandering the lawns.

@owen @sashakovich Yeah, it’s possible. Masto really isn’t geared towards disconnection along the axis you describe, so it’s more β€œall or nothing”. You could also look at Hometown, by @darius, which is intended to be more like an isolated neighborhood, I think? Of course, for some folks, just having a Masto server geared towards local interactions, but with federation available for the three people who’ll use it, might be great?

@aphyr You remind me, earnestly, of the conception of Homo sacer as laid out by Agamben in his book of the same name.

The paper about the airburst set off an Akira-like nuclear fireball of controversy. Lots of methodological issues, potential image manipulation (!) and some of the authors have a rather suspicious obsession with biblical literalism. retractionwatch.com/2021/10/01

@lawremipsum I have spent years trying to formulate an alternative, and I always run up against the same issue: every notifier has an incentive not to let people correctly filter or grade their notifications. It's no good.

Fascinating thing about being a Quaker-Jew with a wife raised Episcopalian: I learn about all these bits of Judaism that are straight-up *claimed* in Christianity as "things Jesus innovated". We'll see them in a Jewish context, and then she'll tell me "yeah, in Sunday School, they represent that as something from Jesus, not from Judaism".

Like, wow, no, he did not invent the Sh'ma, *Mark*.

A grey rainy morning here in Chicago. Flying back out today, but this is weather that nourishes me, and feels very on the nose for my current thoughts and feelings about mortality.

@bulkington it's just a very She-Hulk thing, is all. Not my favorite either, but it seems part of the brand.

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