hot take: modern agile methods are the latest in a line of managerial and process engineering tactics to try to preserve developers’ pride in being important to their job, while directing their decisionmaking energies away from any actual mission or business decisions

This is an article on how to play a role-playing game as a character from another ethnicity or culture. Don't make me regret it.

Jonesing for that tall-ship feeling. Pity Naval Action is busted in the ways it is; I may try to play again on the PvE server, but it's clearly second-class. I still need to make that final Naval Action criticism video, though. Maybe early March.

If I ever make a video game of my own, it'll be a model ship game.

I just added an account for Where to Find Me: @wheretofindme . Follow them if you wanna hear about new features, bugfixes, changes. I'll sometimes boost them, but this way you can ignore Where to Find Me updates more easily if you want to!

Do you write JavaScript for the web? Want to join a collaborative team with flexible hours and competitive pay that's remote-first and tries to do the work to promote and value diversity in the tech world?

I just discovered that we've had enough donations to cover current server costs for for a *year*. I'm floored—thank you all so much for the support and enthusiasm you've shown for something I thought was just gonna be a small use to a few people.

@skyfaller Really I just wanted to slide into your mentions with Sentinels. She's kinda interesting, but like all the characters there, we mostly know about her through implication, so.

More news: we're past 600 signups, and I've fixed a bunch of bugs and added a few features.

You can now put a text tag and quality on your links, and choose an icon for them (though we'll still try to best-guess the icon). The quality is just "low/medium/high", to convey how much you really use that service, and the tag is whatever you want: I'll be curious to see how people use them to organize content.

I'll keep trying to make this better and useful for you!

@avatastic Can you email me at with the email you signed up under, and we'll sort it out there? Thanks!

My point being: even if you solve the technical challenges like transaction speed etc., cryptocurrencies create more problems for finance than they solve. Finance has many problems and should be fixed but cryptocurrencies do not seem to do that.

Other features of crypto that are bugs: irreversible transactions, anonymous transactions. These are most useful if your goal is to steal money, optional at best at all other times.

Today in "using crypto as currency is a bug, not a feature" a founder of a crypto exchange died unexpectedly and now hundreds of millions of dollars are inaccessible because nobody else had his password.

@seldo When I have architecture nightmares, it's literally about that sort of thing.

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