Hey if you like Django, Django REST Framework, and Django Channels, I wrote a thing that might interest you:


Un libstu mikh mit varer libe,
To kum tzu mir, mayn guter shats.
Un hayter oyf mayn harts, dos tribe,
Un makh mir zis mayn rue plats.

Impartiality in any case isn't the right goal. Too many people mistake impartiality for fairness, equality for justice. Your goal should be equitable treatment, not impartiality.


Back in the GTalk days, you could talk to your entire Google contacts list via federated XMPP.

So even back then I had way more contacts on XMPP than GNUSocial or Identica.

Google played a large role in killing off XMPP usage and the day they announced sunsetting GTalk was when I realized they're just another embrace-extend-extinguish monopolist.

Society needs self-hostable, scalable and functional alternatives to surveillance capitalist systems of manipulation and censorship.

@klaatu Well, post-apocalypse is easy, AW2e itself. I mean, I think the Bakers' moves are by far the most solid, even if the text is a bit mystical at times.

S&S, I mean, I'd *really* suggest Swords without Master, but if you want a PbtA, do try DW, it's solid.

The most interesting Lovecraftian PbtA is, I think, Black Stars Rise, but it's incomplete.

Cyberpunk… I liked The Sprawl, but I have only played it once, and I'm not at all sure it'll address your complaints.

@klaatu I have lots of strong feelings on PbtA games, and MotW isn't one of my faves. I can recommend things based on genres you're keen on, perhaps?

@klaatu my take: definitely 1, likely 0.

A PbtA game relies hugely on the quality of the moves written for the game. If you're trying to play a game other than what those rules are for, it will fight you and make you feel what you describe.

If the moves match what the people at the table are actually trying to play, you get great "not what I expected, but it feels right" effects.

@ultranurd I can't generally endorse "Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius." but as a strategy for dealing with email, I think it's reasonable.

@ultranurd Oh, man, there's no guilt-inducing there, that's immediate "oh, cool, you go on the spam list forever and I will never open or see them again."

I'm also thinking about our (hi, yes, Germanic language) final segment devoicing. There's a pattern there (I've been noticing variation between "hundred" and "hundret") but I haven't identified it yet. It looks like it might be stress-conditioned though?

American English is surprisingly nasalized. I regularly hear speakers say "tenant" when they mean "tenet", and OK, that's fine, it's after a nasal segment, but I also heard an English speaker conflate "punta" and "puta" the other day in Spanishβ€”because we tend to just have low-grade nasalization.

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@seldo Have you ever talked with the children of people with NPD or Borderline? It looks a _lot_ like their situation to me.

The lack of an account migration idiom on Mastodon really is fatal, it is sincerely a thing that keeps me from recommending Mastodon to people. The witches.town evaporation to me was kind of like a disproof of the fediverse and I feel like maybe the fediverse dev community should have treated it as such. There needs to be a way to recover your account, "toots", and follower network if one instance goes away.

Okay so tumblr is banning rotating cubes saying it's porn and facebook banned saying "i'm gay" saying it's sexual solicitation and Twitter always seemed like it could disappear at any moment

I feel like we need to be getting ready for Mass Migration to Mastodon, which means we need to fix anything that keeps Mastodon from being usable, and there is in fact something that keeps Mastodon from being usable, there's one specific thing, it's this:


@liaish yeah, for sure.

I have found (and some research has found) that drawing pictures to embody the weirdo floating space ideas that are behind your code/architecture massively helps multiple people think on it productively.

@liaish I appreciate this making me more clearly articulate and think through what I mean though!

@liaish Hm, I think that depends on what you're doing with "pair programming"; I usually see it distinguished from "mentoring" or "teaching". In those cases, I absolutely sit over someone's shoulder while they type and provide context and commentary.

I also should clarify I'm not talking about code on a whiteboard, but architecture on a whiteboard. Code on a whiteboard is hot garbage.

Hot take: pair programming should not be done in front of the keyboard, when you're actually typing you've mostly solved the problem (I hope). It should be done with docs and whiteboard and brains.

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