@brainblasted @brennen agree, though there's still joy to be found in news that isn't trying to engineer a constant crisis!

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AWS is yanking Parler, which means it will probably go offline at least for a while.

This is an especially important time to be vigilant about fascists on the fediverse and not give any foothold to them. They'll be casting around for a new home rn and this mustn't become one.

Please use the #fediblock tag to alert for fascist instances.


Holding out for a Bradamante, 'til the end of the night.

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Might be a good idea to keep an eye out for the next few weeks. Trump and a bunch of other hard right media figures are getting banned from Twitter and Facebook. Parler and Gab are getting booted from Google Play and likely the App Store, too. That's going to shake out a lot of fashies. They'll be looking for new digital spaces where they can recruit and coordinate, and some of them may land on fediverse servers. Keep your guard up.

Media consolidation is an attack surface on representative democracy.


@brainblasted For future phrasing, "legitimate" there reads like you support the coup, which I know you don't!

@mhoye But you're pretty damn sure you're not in Dunning-Kruger club.

Sometimes I feel like we're all a bunch of Darren Nicholses here.

@brainblasted I hear you, and could blather about why I think it does, but all that matters is: yeah.

Found our cat in our bed, passed out, reeking of catnip. He had brought a catnip sachet into bed and fell asleep on top of it.

what idiot called it pop-punk and not agitpop send tweet

Stop Paid Content on CBC

... CBC management has launched a new marketing division called CBC Tandem. Its purpose is to sell corporations the opportunity to disguise their advertising as our journalism. CBC is using its resources to help advertisers trick Canadians.

They call what they produce “paid content”. And it’s insidious. It looks and sounds like the news stories and podcasts we produce. It’s found on the same websites and apps. But it’s not news, or even information. It is advertising that pretends to be news. And we believe strongly it must stop.

CBC Tandem promises corporate clients they can “leverage” the CBC’s reputation by aligning their message with the “trust Canadians have in our brand”.

That reputation was built by people like us - generations of journalists who earned your trust by informing you faithfully and truthfully every day. “Paid content” does not leverage that reputation, it makes a mockery of it. ...


The term Fake News dates to 1989 when prepared propaganda Video and Audio "News Releases" (VNR/ANR), packaged to look like native news, began appearing on local TV and Radio stations. The CBC are going down this path.

It's not "leveraging trust", it's #betrayal.


#CBC #FakeNews #PaidContent #NativeAdvertising #VNR #AVR #Propaganda #advertising #canada

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