@platypus I mean, could UPenn or Penn State? It's all equally distant imo! What is the A even OH SHIT that's "PA U(niversity)" I get it now, wtf

@genesisoflegend it's so much better here, but that's not saying much given hellbirdsite.

@emacsen I am super feeling the lack of Ashkenazi culinary culture here, too.

I would like to find more deafies on the Fediverse. Anybody know of any besides me?

I love Sugru. It remains a marvellous material for modding and repairing the world around you.

They put the Bussy Bear statue in a neighbourhood called Bearwood. Way to double down.

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Everyone who is saying "Tell me your marketing team has no gays without telling me it has no gays" about the Spanish transit mascot Bussi is wrong. I prefer to think it had two snarky gays and one goaded the other into suggesting that name because none of the straights would get it.

Also, have we forgotten Bussy Bear from England? Absolutely someone knew.

Local food truck has $100 menu item: white surgeon caviar & lobster roll. Not the sort of thing I'd get from a food truck particularly.

Dracula Daily, September 21 

@erinbee van Helsing is such a Mary Sue though. Shares the author's first name, has all knowledge and every degree, etc.

Just came across this James Baldwin quote: “If I love you, I have to make you conscious of the things you don’t see.”

That’s one I need to sit with

@umalkosh never understood the Puritan impulse to do no standing holidays ever.

@umalkosh I can think of three different new yearses we've got, too, around the year.

@aphyr hate to break it to you but it seems you already have this hobby.

I think I may have stumbled into the smallest reasonable Nomic ruleset

1. All decisions by majority vote.
2. The first player to propose victory wins if the vote passes.
3. Decisions can change the rules.

You can yank rule 2 and get a smaller set, but you need players who already know what a Nomic is _for_ to play without it. Rule 2 is an orientation tool for the players.

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