@pamela to my delight, your post about sea creatures and the Moby Dick bot's "And God created great whales." post were next to each other.

Haven't posted a picture of my cat lately. Here, have one of him looking contemplative.

Not planning on getting a tattoo, but if I did, how's this for a big upper back piece?

Old laptop, new laptop. Gonna miss some of those old stickers, but I'm excited about the new vibe!

USS Constitution, from a reference. Getting better, practice by practice, I hope.

This one's a lot less dynamic than the one from imagination before, but it let me focus on getting the rigging right.

Better tools help, too: I can do dynamic pressure shading now.

I'm trying to start drawing ships, since they're always in my heart. I'm not good yet, but I'll practice!

Uh oh, I got a new . Hand-carved in naturally shed moose antler, and it's a delight to write with.

I love food. Many kinds of food are spiritually important to me. But again and again, Argentinian food grounds me.



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