Can anyone check my rudimentary Hebrew here? Does this read like a reasonable name for a group:

מועדון הרימון
Mo’adon haRimon
The Pomegranate Club

It's for a thing in an RPG. Thanks/תודה!

@emacsen Moi aussi! My Hebrew is pretty awful 😄 But I’m happy to have found you on Fedi anyway.


You should ask the guys at because they are renowned Judaism experts.

Apart from it being a club(not a group) sounds like an okay-ish name i guess? You wouldn’t refer to a group of people as a club in hebrew, rather you would call them a group/team or you might say something like
אנשי הרימון
Anshey haRimon
Which sort of translates to
The Pomegranate people
Although have more of a group refering to it

@RustyStriker Thanks! I was curious about just that, the “normalness” of mo’adon in that use.

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