There are three coffee shops I love more than any others:

1. Trident, Boulder, CO. Community owned, warm wood interior, booths, wood-burning stove for winter days, amazing tea selection, back patio for summer days. Used to be open to 11pm, now 9pm.

2. Bardo, Denver, CO. Funky (mostly wood) interior, booths, good teas, used to be open until 2am, now midnight. Used to have the best website, just a plain text file.

3. Behive, Pittsburgh, PA. All punk/funk, open until 11pm-2am, depending on day.

The reason I bring this up: I long for a similar place, a third-space to be in late at night, ideally with tea and maybe a pastry and wifi, CRJ in my headphones and in the groove coding.

I've never found quite this style of café outside of the US, but does anyone in the greater Vancouver area know of something like this around here?

@wlonk it's been years since i was in downtown boulder all that often, but i have good memories of long hours at the trident, back when erik winn could still be found there most days he was in town.

virus times surely accelerated this, but i've felt for a while like the late night coffee shop is an endangered _kind_ of space in the US. in the early 2000s i could walk into my local place at 10pm and find a crowd, hang out 'til midnight close and drift home or over to the bars…

@wlonk ...last i was back in that town, i found out that shop has closed at 3pm for years. seems harder to find all-night diners and the like as well, at least in the american west. the third space that isn't alcohol focused is kind of grimly hard to find.

@brennen Alcohol-centered spaces are, of course, my experience on this front during my time in Ireland: some phenomenal pubs, and they're grand for a session or a late night with friends, but they're not a "sit with your headphones on and code into the night" space, ever.


@brennen At least pubs in Ireland are not as loud as bars in the US. I have actually measured (because of course I had a decibel meter on me…)!

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@wlonk i've spent time in a few cafes in central / eastern europe that roll late into the night and make a pretty great model for this. generally chill, alcohol probably available but not the focus, social but not weird to just be working on something. not, alas, a kind of thing i've really run into here.

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