Social contract info a neighbor just learned the hard way:

at least the US, if you put stuff at the end of your driveway/on the curb, with or without a sign, it’ll be interpreted as “free”

Maybe not like a bike you just parked but other stuff? If you don’t have a sign / you don’t have obvious signs to the contrary… yeah.

“It was only an hour” yeah I got bad news about us being a bunch of grabby reusing fuckers, bud. Good luck.


@platypus We put an old couch that may have had ringworm spores in it by the dumpster and in the time it took for us to go back inside and write a note that said "may have ringworm" it was already gone. Good luck to whoever took it.

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@wlonk Oh no! I definitely appreciate when people put out signs. I got a college couch that way but it had no sign on it

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