@wlonk I think you might be my main hope here.

I'm trying to remember a folk song where she's walking along the river singing a song, and she meets a soldier who's whistling the same tune, and they have a fun little fling together.

The version I'm trying to find has the phrase "I knew we would be lovers" in it, but google's giving me zippo.


@lumpley if I can, it won't be immediate. This'll be in my head for days.

@wlonk I would swear that the name of the song was just "The Whistling Soldier" but I'm getting no returns at all.

It was on a CD I bought at a store 15 years ago or less (since lost). Pop-folk, nbd. How can there be no trace of it online?

I can't believe that there's not a folk song called "The Whistling Soldier" at all, even if it's not the one I mean. What on earth gives.

@lumpley I'm neck-deep in Mainly Norfolk looking for connections now.


@lumpley As far as song-type goes, is this in the right direction: mainlynorfolk.info/folk/songs/

(Obviously, none of the versions here have the line you mention, but.)

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@lumpley (Also, thank you for asking me this, it has me listening to a lot of GREAT music.)

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