I’m really into that idea I saw (via a link from the hellbirdsite) of using meme-images as templates for tarot readings. It’s using one interpretive lens through another interpretive lens, and that’s just a fun semiotic spiral.

Current favs:
- Solidarity arms
- “Is this a?” Butterfly
- Distracted Boyfriend
- Galaxy Brain

What others would you say would make a good tarot spread?

@cyancqueak hmm, I only see room for one card there. Is this a one card spread!?

@wlonk sorry, misunderstood, thought you were looking for ideas for single cards.

@wlonk how about:
- Ancient aliens,
- All you base belong to us,
- homer retreats into the hedge
- anakin and padme 4-panel

@wlonk Geordi Laforge saying no to one card, yes to another.

Pam from the office with two identical pictures

Scifi hero uncertain about which of two red buttons to push

Woman arguing with a cat?

Two guys from that mechanic reality TV show arguing?

@wlonk Spidermans pointing at other Spidermans

Fred from Scooby Doo unmasking the villain to reveal the real cause

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