food, #vegan, bulk shopping 

Hard to find affordable things here on island so just bulk ordered from a new place, almost all organic. 😁

Snacks (meals):
pumpkin seeds
sunflower seeds
muesli mix
goji berries
dried mango
carob & supergreen chunks
lemon & pomegranate chunks
brazil nuts
macadamia nuts
coconut chips
hemp hearts

sesame oil
nutritional yeast

hemp oil
hemp protein powder
protein powder blend
maca blend
beet root powder


food, #vegan, bulk shopping 

@continuation You're in BC, right? Can you get where you are? I really like what they provide.

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food, #vegan, bulk shopping 

@wlonk Yes, in BC - but no grocery delivery of any kind here - and really just one store on the island, which is quite expensive and limited. Summer is great though as there's so much beautiful produce on the island. 😁

food, #vegan, bulk shopping 

@continuation ah I see and understand now!

food, #vegan, bulk shopping 

@wlonk There’s a very friendly shop on the island who are nice enough to order us 25 lb bags of beans and rice so that’s helpful because shipping on that would be prohibitive.

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