Tfw you start making challah too late in the evening for the rises involved, and without all the ingredients you need. ADVENTURE BREAD it is.

Brioche was a bread dreamed up by the utterly deranged. DOUGH WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO CONTAIN DAIRY. YEARS of baking, yet no real-world quality improvement by using enriched dough.

I do not like this adventure bread at all. Very unlikely to try this again. How did they ever make brioche before kitchen power tools? Even with an electric mixer the experience has been awful.

Adventure bread turned out pretty delicious. Still unconvinced it is a good idea to put butter in bread dough.

@wlonk As a dairy hater, the mere existence of brioche has made me paranoid when shopping bread. Here in Sth they also make brioche-style burger buns. Which is just mean.
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