I've been deep-diving (har) into Polynesian ship building. I want a show that gives me the same kind of soaring thrilling shots of ships that you get in Black Sails, but with drua and proa and all those beautiful shunting crab-claw rigged vessels.

Basically, I want a live-action three-series drama of "We Know the Way" from Moana.

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I just spent half an hour with Allie watching video of various tall ships around today, commenting on what I liked and disliked about each. My ideal period is about 1790s-1810s, and some were too late, many were too early, some were in that range but have sloppy lines and otherwise look messy, whatever, but I know these ships by name, and in many cases bits of their history (military or otherwise!)

I wish that I could do the same for the great now-lost Polynesian ships. What the Fijian shipwrights did was amazing, and that we don't have any drua that even approach the largest historical ones is so sad.

At least there's Hōkūle'a for me to fawn over and hope one day to at least step aboard, even if I'm unlikely to get to sail on.

Y'all go learn about Hōkūle'a's global circumnavigation, now, please.

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