Heyyyy it's released! github.com/jepsen-io/maelstrom is a distributed systems learning tool: a workbench where you can write your own "distributed" systems in any language, using JSON messages via STDIN/STDOUT. Wanna write a gossip system in Perl? A transactional KV store in bash? Maelstrom will run it, show you how messages flow through the system, and verify key safety properties.

I've been working on this 7 days a week basically all month and I am SO ready/scared to start teaching classes with it next week.

It's called maelstrom cuz it ruins rafts, btw πŸ˜„


@aphyr If I may, what is a raft? I only know the floating platform kind.

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@wlonk it's also the name of a popular consensus algorithms :-)

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