Headcanon: there exists a Marvel AU where the Taskmaster is the world’s most important teacher, able to watch world-class domain experts ply their craft and then convey the nuances and details of their work to students everywhere. There exists another AU where he is the world’s most important personal coach, and the worlds most important therapist. Our current Marvel Universe, where he can mimic combatives, is the least he could be.

One of the great failures of imagination in modern comics is a guy who can perfectly imitate the actions and reflexes of the people he’s watched and uses it to punch people better. Like, there are worlds where this guy is a trauma surgeon. There are worlds where he’s a physical therapist. There are worlds where he’s a cook, a translator, a teacher. In ours he’s beating people up for money. Weak.

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@mhoye One of the things I love in *Strong Female Protagonist*, and why I wish they get back to finishing it: early on, it's revealed that all the people with useful superpowers (like the person who can talk with diseases, or whatever, that can really make the world better) got disappeared before anyone knew about them. All that's left are folks with punching powers. The story's arc is about why, and what can they do about it?

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