Sometimes I wonder about what other versions of me might exist in parallel realities, and I hope they're having a good day.

parallel realities 

Somewhere in the multiverse, there is a Xan who:

• Studied at a different university and led a completely different life
• Dated that one girl and had their life changed by her ideas
• Is a marine biologist
• Was successful as a musician and did a stadium tour with their band
• Never broke up with that one ex
• Stayed in their home village and runs a seaside restaurant
• Discovered that one thing in astrophysics and is now a professor
• Dated that one guy and was inspired by his worldview
• Is a man
• Still lives in Hong Kong
• Studied botany
• Is a professional firedancer
• Became a science writer
• Rented a studio and a furnace, and became a glass artist
• Lives in the forest
• Avoided being in a relationship with that one terrible ex
• Runs a lab and works with lasers every day
• Is a woman
• Works with fibre optics
• Is an olympic archer
• Started writing earlier and is a professional author now
• Still lives in Tokyo
• Runs a bakery
• Is an actual astronaut

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parallel realities 

@InvaderXan Oh, I keep informal lists of alternate-reality versions of me, too! It never occurred to me that any of them might have a gender, though, but I bet some do. For sure I know at least one of them went to school in the Pacific Northwest and never left and really likes it and is very crunchy.

parallel realities 

@wlonk I'm glad it's not just me! Sometimes I feel like the Heisenberg Xan who's still trapped in uncertainty


parallel realities 

@InvaderXan I've intersected with my parallels sometimes, I'm sure. The nearer ones, anyway. Like, I've had bits where I strongly suspect we slipped up and stepped into each others' realities briefly.

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parallel realities 

@wlonk @InvaderXan

This is something I spent a lot of time thinking about when I was younger, but haven't recently. It is somewhat comforting to think that I've taken all the possible paths and haven't left any stone unturned with experiences looking across the multiverse.

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