Uh oh, I got a new . Hand-carved in naturally shed moose antler, and it's a delight to write with.

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Nice! There's a guy in Taiwan who makes antler & copper fountain pens (with Schmidt nibs, I believe). Who made yours?

@wlonk Very cool! How durable are antlers? I've no idea if they feel similar to, say, ox horn. @SlowRain

@soum @SlowRain Pretty durable; they'll discolor and develop patina over time from exposure to oils in skin, and extreme drying out can crack them if they're not treated (but I'm in a very dry climate now and not likely to live anywhere drier by choice).

@wlonk So i guess regular use is beneficial because it would sort of keep them moistened with hand oils? That would also discolor them, but prevent cracks perhaps? @SlowRain

@MangoMamba I should get my pens out, it's been too long! All my life is on the computer lately.


I'm on the computer everyday, locked in my room with a view. My problem is not making handwriting a daily practice. A fountain pen is so much more expressive. I would love to see your hand written script.

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