Lately, pens. Fountain pens. Great, another, to use my dad's phrase, patrician taste.

That said, writing on paper has been really helpful for my thought processes lately. Ink, pen, and paper is a great combo.

(The ability to seamlessly move between text and diagram or image is particularly powerful, but using nice materials is also powerful. Right now, my paper is my weakest link, so I may upgrade that.)

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@wlonk I bought a Pilot fountain pen several months ago, but when I tried to use it the ink exploded everywhere and I quit in frustration.

I definitely want to try again because fountain pens seem pretty cool, and this was probably user error. I just need more ink now.

@skyfaller Was it the Metropolitan? What ink were you using (the provided cartridge or something else via a converter)? Inquiring minds want to know!

@wlonk Yep, you guessed it, the Metropolitan! I was using the included cartridge. My negative experience with that made me hesitate to buy more fancy ink :)

@skyfaller I love the weight and feel of the Metro!

My perception (and it's a beginner's perception) is that cartridges are fussier than they pretend to be, and converters are easier than they seem.

I think that the Metro comes with a squeeze converter, which I used for a bit and it's fine, it just holds a bit less ink than I'd like. I've changed mine out for a piston converter (Pilot CON-40), which I am enjoying more. Try ink samples, that's less investment than a whole bottle, on every axis.

@wlonk Oh yes I just meant writing by hand generally. I am trying to get into fountain pens but with minimal success so far. I have a pen and ink I like a lot but don't actually use it often.

@clinkingdog TBH having materials I like causes me to _want to write_ and then my brain has to go "well, what are you gonna put down on paper to make this worthwhile?" and it's… good.

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