Hot take: pair programming should not be done in front of the keyboard, when you're actually typing you've mostly solved the problem (I hope). It should be done with docs and whiteboard and brains.

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@wlonk Gotta say i disagree? i see this as something that's akin to barre work, where you have someone experienced leading and guiding while another follows along.

That, and taking something out of context (like slapping code up on a whiteboard) can cause failure that mightn't've happened with the right context?

@liaish Hm, I think that depends on what you're doing with "pair programming"; I usually see it distinguished from "mentoring" or "teaching". In those cases, I absolutely sit over someone's shoulder while they type and provide context and commentary.

I also should clarify I'm not talking about code on a whiteboard, but architecture on a whiteboard. Code on a whiteboard is hot garbage.

@liaish I appreciate this making me more clearly articulate and think through what I mean though!

@wlonk Absolutely! And yon hot-take makes a lot more sense at this point :D

With things like architecture and process design, whiteboarding makes a load of sense (and is why you should have someone involved who knows how to storyboard imo).

@liaish yeah, for sure.

I have found (and some research has found) that drawing pictures to embody the weirdo floating space ideas that are behind your code/architecture massively helps multiple people think on it productively.

@wlonk That does not surprise me in the least. Though i'm glad that there's studies available :3

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