What’s that? Have over 220 people, projects, and organisations signed the web0 manifesto since last night?

They sure have! πŸŽ‰



the world produces half again as much food as humans consume, and this with large stretches of land used in a way that's both depleting and ineffective β€” devoted to cash crops or monoculture, turned into lawns, left fallow as an investment, etc. the core anprim/ecofash claim that human population has surpassed the earth's ecological capacity is flat-out false

I suspect I am the only person of my generation who is painfully bored by the Matrix (and sequels) but here we are.

Does anyone else ever get this thing where deep inhalations trigger a tickling sensation below their lower front teeth? Like, right where the hypoglossal nerve connects? It is transient, and usually happens for a few days, once or twice a year, and I HATE IT. Tickling shouldn't be in your mouth.

Accidentally was looking at my Favorites, instead of Home. Thought "these look familiar, and I really like them all…" then I realized.

I keep forgetting about Masto, kinda.

So I keep thinking about how we can make a conversation machine compete with FB and Twitter and Google's addiction machines. I think it's actually _great_ that I forget about Masto sometimes! I want more tools that help me do a thing, and don't try to get me to use them all the time.

"Square β€” The payments company said Wednesday evening that it will change its name to Block. The name change will go into effect on Dec. 10, and comes as the company expands into new technologies, including blockchain."

Cool I just deleted that app thanks for the reminder.

Marcus Mengs posted HTTP dumps from #Instagram mobile app that collects and sends to Meta the following details:

SSID and BSSID of all local WiFi networks, including yours
BLE beacons
Detailed GPS (!) location

TFW you discover a stupid bug your tests never covered while working on a feature improvement. Welp!

Some people do overlapping stickers. I can't bring myself to. I enjoy the tetris of fitting things in sans-overlap too much.

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Old laptop, new laptop. Gonna miss some of those old stickers, but I'm excited about the new vibe!

I find it super frustrating how well constructed #Google #privacy PR is. They are masters of taking one little problem, making an a solid privacy improvement to it, then using it to distract people from their giant surveillance capitalism machine. Something like that is only a privacy improvement for people who are fully in Google's ecosystem. Switching to using Google Fi encrypted calling would be a net privacy loss.

The most dangerous thoughts are the thoughts intended to justify your own moral comfort.

And I just had a gourd of mate for the first time in ages. The through-line of my recent toots: I gotta go to Argentina.

website made by someone who describes themself as "a dipshit who doesn't know how to use computers" and hosted on a raspberry pi or some random VPS: loads instantly, well designed, easy to navigate

website made by fortune 500 company, with teams of designers, programmers, and servers in 8 countries: takes a full minute to load, layout shifting around the whole time, breaks if you have 1 browser add-on, the page you want can only be accessed via a third party search engine, gets worse every year

Today I discovered I have a special sense that tingles when the comic I'm reading is from Argentina. I just could *tell*, somehow.

I've been to a fairly large number of countries, I suppose, but almost all of them are places where I have family. (Rough guide: if it was subject to British imperialism, I have family there.)

I need to go to places where I don't. There are so many *more* parts of the world to see.

Saw a black bear as we were walking home today. Just wandering the lawns.

The paper about the airburst set off an Akira-like nuclear fireball of controversy. Lots of methodological issues, potential image manipulation (!) and some of the authors have a rather suspicious obsession with biblical literalism. retractionwatch.com/2021/10/01

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