"The answer to creation
is to create.
When theory reaches a stalemate
things burn to begin."

From an inscription in front of John Bastard's monument to the victims of the Great Fire of Blandford.


How about the rest of y'all on the American side of things?

I made a big Georgian feast today, lots of good food, and… forgot to take even a single picture.

Every time I make a big celebratory meal with friends, this happens. I am too In the Moment, apparently.

via IRC: "data will take every shape it is not constrained from being"

Truer words.

My work has shafted me cash-wise, my side gig hasn't actually paid out in over a month, so i am opening

HMU if for character art, storyboarding, graphic design, or a pinch-hit website!

You can see some of my work here: portfolio.ethical-chaos.org/

Something for everyone to keep in mind for things that are meant for general market consumption: Your first design principle ought be "Does this appeal to teenage girls/twenty-something women?"

I want a way to export and share custom emoji between the :tn: Slack, Discord, and Mastodon.

A while back I built a site that converts RSS feeds to ActivityPub actors that you can subscribe to from Mastodon and other ActivityPub-compliant social networks: bots.tinysubversions.com/conve

I've now also published the source code: github.com/dariusk/activtypub-

I am in the market for a new icon. I've been using this one for a while, but feeling the need to move on now, at least in more personal spaces like Masto. Hmmm.

h/t @polychrome:

in 'ads.js', include this line:

var canRunAds = true;

In your HTML, inside the <head> tag, include this script:

<script src="ads.js"></script>
if (window.canRunAds === true) {
alert("I noticed you're not running an ad blocker. You should be! Check out uBlock, available for every major browser.");

I just had an evening with more music in it than I've had in a while. It was nourishing.

@aardwolf I am super hype about your project, and would love to contribute (as an aspiring Rustacean).

Do you have a demo instance? I think this may also be a good place to get a bunch of the folks who I know who are looking for a G+-replacement to go towards.

Without a company trying to convince me to Express Opinions Aloud, I'm trying to redefine what broadcast/aloud media like Mastodon is _for_, for me.

(I'm being hyperconcious of the use of "public", because right now, that implies publicly-held to me, not in-public.)

I want, lately, to do a lot more than Express Opinions. I want to dig deeper into organizing, connecting, caring, and healing.

Right now, the Transneptune Slack has been having some really interesting conversations about gatekeeping in tech, what a community is and isn't, and how burnout happens. I'm really thankful for that community.

But it can't exist in a public space like this (and yes, I love that Mastodon is federated and open, but it's still "aloud"). It happens because we know who we're talking with and addressing them directly.

RT @broderick@twitter.com Amazon built an AI to rate job applications. It analyzed 10 years of (male dominated) hires. Then it started penalizing resumes that included the word β€œwomen’s,” downgrading graduates from all women's colleges, and highly rating aggressive language. reuters.com/article/us-amazon-

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/broderick/status/1

Don't mind me, just sitting at this cafΓ© muttering in Welsh under my breath, as you do.

(I'm reading about nonconformism in Wales in the 18th and 19th c.)

Richard Henry Dana Jr. in 1835, talking about the San Francisco Bay: "If California ever becomes a prosperous country, this bay will be the centre of its prosperity."

Unless you have a very good reason not to, or are publicly known anyway, there is really no need for you to use your real name or photo online.

Back in the 90s when i first discovered the internet, this was common knowledge. Nobody used their real name on forums or share personal information without considering the consequences. Those few who did were promptly told that's a bad idea.

It seems somehow we unlearned this, right when corporations started monetizing that information.

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