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Here's Copilot suggesting the Django source word-for-word alongside how much of their $192.56B revenue MS donated to the DSF in the last 12 months:

May 22: $0
Apr 22: $0
Mar 22: $0
Feb 22: $0
Jan 22: $0
Dec 21: $0
Nov 21: $0
Oct 21: $0
Sep 21: $0
Aug 21: $0
Jul 21: $0
Jun 21: $0

@freakboy3742 Is FSF considering a lawsuit? It seems bonkers that there's any legal way to just shove _all the codes_ into an AI meat-grinder and license-wash them all...?

@meejah @freakboy3742 On what grounds? The FSF lacks standing to intervene in a dispute between the author of a nominally-GPL-licensed work and the repository hosting service the author, themselves, has authorized to make use of their code outside of the terms of the GPL.

The offended authors would need to sue on their own, and would need to ensure that any such suit does not run afoul of licenses they may have granted Microsoft via the site terms. The FSF can organize and bankroll, but not sue


@meejah @freakboy3742 For what it's worth, it _does appear_ that the TOS licensing terms do not include allowing Microsoft to sell the user's content, so there probably is grounds for some litigation here. It's just a matter of who has the budget and the motivation, I think.

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