I'm not saying piracy has never hurt anybody... but I've never played a legitimate copy of Unreal Tournament. I didn't play a legitimate copy of Quake 2 until a few years ago when I bought it to check out the Nvidia RTX release.

@gnu_lorien I will say that those are some pretty dubious examples of harm, given how _wildly successful_ both iD and Epic MegaGames have been on those specific products. They almost certainly could have earned more on them if they weren't widely pirated, but it doesn't seem to have set back their business in meaningful ways.

Is there more you're angling for here, that I'm missing?

@owen You've misread my toot. I was giving examples of games I don't think were harmed at all by piracy from a historical perspective. You've essentially misunderstood the point of the opening of my toot and then restated the point I was trying to make.


@gnu_lorien Aha, so I have - thank you for clarifying.

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