I keep thinking about how a sort of romantic pastoralism fueled suburbanization in the US, and how that might inform the way we read the modern queer/left/extremely-online longing for solarpunk/cottagecore "back to the land" fantasies.


@aphyr I have to assume you follow Sarah Taber, but if you don’t, you should. She touches on this a lot when talking about the class and economics lenses on farm work vs farm identity.

No surprise but American agrarianism has always been a scam, and a front for white landlords to kick black folks and indigenous people off the land.

@aphyr leftist deurbanization rhetoric around agrarianist utopian visions is not separate from this, as much as it might wish to be: those visions come from a specific place and politics.

@owen @aphyr I was going to bring this up too! She did a great thread recently on the history of homesteading which was heavily about this

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