“Roads are for cars” is an idiosyncratically American perspective and I see it ALL. THE. TIME. in pieces about AI. Please. I’m begging you. Have the slightest bit of sympathy for the humans whose space you drive through.

It's like some people leave their empathy out the door the instant they get into their SUV.

Fortunately it's improved a lot around here in the past few years (Canada, PQ specifically).

@owen see also: whenever protestors block a street and the right absolutely loses their minds about having filthy humans in their Car Zone

@jplebreton I'm familiar, but I don't think I'd apply it here. Local streets and long-distance roads are different media for human activity, but I would apply my complaint about reducing that activity to "people drive on them" to both contexts, in different ways.

AI deployment in urban streets can kill, surely, and involves reducing cities to media for cars. AI deployment in country roads can kill, too, though, even though the human presence there manifests differently.

@jplebreton Plus, I have strong reservations about the weaponization of automated long haul logistics to suppress the labour classes, _and_ about the view that the countryside is primarily a medium through which logistics happens or a place to extract resources from for cities.

Streets, roads, and stroads are _all_ more completely viewed through a lens that accommodates the full range of human activities, unique to each of those spaces!

@jplebreton Thank you for prompting some inspection, here, by the way. Streets vs Roads is a useful tool in a lot of contexts for understanding the impact of how we design spaces. It took me a few hours to sort through why I reacted badly to it in this one.

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