What's mastodon's favourite salad ingredient? 

canadian colonialism 

Sports hot take: curling is the most tense sport ever. It's basically the sports equivalent of edging.

What's mastodon's favourite salad ingredient? 

Ending every social interaction, no matter how trivial, with "capitalism delenda est"

So it looks like my landlord has straight-up given up on the progressive leak in my bathroom. The last one, which I reported on the 14th of December, was met with a "sh......t" and nothing else. Today's didn't get a response at all.

I'm still informing him, so that I have a leg to stand on if I go to the LTB, but this is dumb.

Announcing Hellraver (2020)

I am so pleased that this mostly came out the way I wanted it to the first go round. There are tweaks I want to make, and I still have to make a jig to actually permanently affix the sides together, but goddamn. Sometimes a dumb idea works out almost exactly how you envisioned it.

Also it still smells absolutely TERRIBLE XD

#mastoart #hellraiser #LED #horror #WhoLetSashaUseIndustrialEquipment #NotAfterLastTime #OhNoNotAgain

@owen this is one of my favourite graphs, about the appearance of empiricism and experimental terminology in published economics papers. The idea that economics as a field should have a basis in empirical evidence has not been around as long as The Simpsons.

Beware of totalizing relationships - with people and with products and services.

@owen This is true. It's also true that TotC a real phenomenon in a society that has primarily individualist values (which we are in, for better or worse). So there is value in studying it, but absolutely important to be aware of the history.

In both cases, institutional experts thoroughly ignored centuries, and arguably millenia, of *successful* management of common resources in order to justify stealing those resources for the rich.

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Lloyd's writings remain influential in economics studies today, but the term really took off after a Canadian, H. Scott Gordon, adapted it to justify taking fisheries from Canadian first nations.

Gordon died last year.

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The term "tragedy of the commons" was coined pretty much from whole cloth by a 19th-century English economist, who wanted a just-so story on why it was okay for the king to take the commons from the public and give it to the wealthy to "manage" for profit.

It's propaganda, in other words.

It does my heart good to know that this is published in a peer reviewed medical journal

I guess my point is: however you “do Christmas” is valid. Even if you don’t, or if you just want to show up.

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Having one of those times where just making it to Christmas was enough of an accomplishment that I'm choosing to accept that I blew off gifts for the most part. Don't love it, but do see it as the necessary outcome of not making myself suffer even harder.

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