Soul Reaver and modern World of Warcraft have the same energy tbh.

If you’re making a retro-style game that looks like it’s from 1999 and it absolutely must have loading screens, then I think you should make it play an extremely load Dreamcast disc read noise over speakers. Especially if it’s a Switch game

My niece, Elouise, was born this morning shortly after midnight to two exhausted but very happy parents and is doing great. So proud of my family.

If this gets ten boosts, I'll post a page from my 2nd grade journal

Now actively resisting the urge to submit something to literotica titled “Slippery When Chet”

@owen This is a really tough issue IMHO. Everything that gives you freedom to do what you want with your device also gives malicious actors an attack surface. And usually it's a few years before the malicious possibilities become obvious and widely utilized. There's definitely not an easy answer, it's a balance people like Apple have to walk. Android/google makes different choices: more freedom, but their app store is rife with scamtastic malware.

@owen In the real world, shady extension vendors are regularly pushing out unwanted and in fact weaponized code to users without "meaningful consent."

I'm gonna miss uBlock Origin too but I recognize the reasoning for and value of this move.

@owen Given the vast history of browser extensions being weaponized against the user, even extensions produced at one point by supposedly trustworthy developers, this is an incredibly positive, responsible move by Apple. Ad blockers are still possible without handing complete surveillance and control of every web page you're on to an extension and to whoever happens to currently control that extension (maybe, maybe not its original creator).

@owen Confirming that the update description was super generic and did not mention negative consequences for the users.

"Meaningful consent" implies more than a clause in the user agreement that says "we can update this at any time." It requires engagement with the userbase at large - and thus guarantees conflict, and compromise.

Maybe Apple would still have disabled this framework. Maybe not. What I do know, with high confidence, is that they didn't ask anyone outside the company if it was okay to do so, or explain what it would mean.

The latest Safari update permanently disables the framework uBlock Origin (and, incidentally, 1Password version 6 and lower) relies on. There will no longer be a uBlock version for Safari.

A while ago, someone on Twitter raised the point that users are rightfully gunshy about software updates because developers often use them to make unilateral and unwelcome changes. The question "did your users meaningfully consent to this change" goes unasked, let alone unanswered.

I want better.


paper mario is fucking terrifying to me. imagine someone tells you that you can turn a new way and suddenly you can perceive an additional dimension of space. all of mario's dialogue should be screaming.

the messed up thing is when you realize that objectively the sun should be loud as shit because it's teratons of hydrogen bomb cores stuck together, but we can't hear it because there's 90 million miles of sound insulation between us and it

Imma take a big sip of water and see how the Chef community is getting on

rms, mostly 

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