A hazy evening, and a wave of nostalgia for childhood trick or treating so sharp it winded me. The night should smell of fires and leaves, but it’s not quite that time yet.

Check it out silikat.tumblr.com/post/629875

okay, the target of Canadian programmers is pretty small, but I'm sure they will all find this hilarious.

The existence of a bear economy implies the existence of a wolf economy, an otter economy, and a cub economy.

Good morning to Hades Amun-Ra’s Facebook ad ONLY.

I genuinely can’t imagine a more targeted and intelligent realty ad for queers.

My software is “free” as in “cats.” It even comes with small but itchy bugs.

Don't get me wrong, there's a lot about Steam that could be improved on. Steam is bad in lots of ways - but not, by and large, in ways that stop people from spending money.

The Epic Games Store is off-putting enough that I don't want to buy games through it.

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This experience, by the way? I have _three games_ installed in it.

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It blows my mind that Epic looked at Steam, sensibly concluded "we gotta get us one of those," and then completely goofed the execution.

EVERY TIME I launch the Epic Games Store, I spend upwards of an hour not playing the game I wanted to play. You can't seem to reprioritize which games it'll update, there's always a launcher update to do first, and half the time I've been logged out and have to go digging around in 1Password.

Good luck on the antitrust suit, you clowns.

Me, reading van Jacobson's piece about bufferbloat and congestion control: everyone should use much smaller network queues!

Me, a decade later with smaller network queues: weird how under load dns is the first thing to fail, huh

Unfortunately the space to optimize your battle strategies is actually pretty limited by the endgame, because none of it really matters. And the high encounter rate doesn't actually MATTER for attrition, because healing between battles is free due to Osmose... just time-consuming

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@wlonk Hey what's the story behind the plutoheart image on this instance anyways

Good "projects" weekend.

Won't be making much further progress this week, though. Dog's come down with a bad case of the hurlys.

@apg Townsend is gloriously horrible and exactly what I needed this morning. Thanks, m'dude.

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Good grief, that list reminds me reminds me— May First Movement Technology is great, and i've been a member for going on 15 years, and they became a cooperative just last year:


Definitely not generic web services, but in addition to basic website hosting they provide NextCloud to members and Jitsi for all, among other services.

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And, of course, if you don't already know about it:


can be filtered for "cloud" in Activities and for "platform co-op" as a Category.

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New on the scene, with a specific focus but *lots* of infrastructure focus, is meet.coop

Meet.coop provides audiovideo chat services on par with Zoom (for a more limited number of people sharing video all at the same time) using the open source free software Big Blue Button

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I just scrolled through a year-and-a-half's worth of Owen's (excellent) posts to get here... i do wish Mastodon made it easier to go from public post found online to interacting-with-it-on-ones-own-instance. But would love to know what further cooperative Mastodon instances have been found, and what other infrastructure coops have been identified or started!

Glad darkpeak.org/ was already mentioned.
webarchitects.co.uk/ is a multistakeholder coop

Federation is the place people go when they don't want to be part of, or subject to, centrally controlled systems. It is also where people go when they've finally been kicked off those systems. The fediverse isn't inherently progressive, and without robust shared defensive measures - both against centralization and against bad actors -it will go the way of Usenet.

Has anyone bumped in to any concrete numbers over the environment impact of our usage of suboptimal software, eg js+web tech instead of native desktop apps, the power usage of crypto currencies, the cost of constantly brute forcing problems instead of elegant solutions?

Any data is much appreciated - it trying to write something intelligent about this.

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