I met a traveller, vorpal sword in hand,
Who said--"two vast and trunkless raths of mome
Rest by the Tumtum tree. . . . Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk a frumious visage lies, whose frown,
And manxome lip, and sneer of cold command,

If you or your company rely on curl, consider a support contract. While I enjoy spending my spare time on this, actually getting food on the table is a cool concept! wolfssl.com/products/curl/

A woman knit a fence out of twine and now her accomplishment is haunting me

Anyone who tags me on that piece is just going to get a reply which is my pricing, which will go up every additional time I get tagged

I watched the first Patlabor movie and while I don’t know what I was expecting, it sure wasn’t “extremely bureaucracy-focused police procedural thriller about vehicle safety.” Holy shit that was good

Have you thanked your local instance administrator?

Have you _paid_ your local instance administrator?

Getting kicked out of the Bell Centre for my sign that says "Wearing a jersey when you're not on the team is technically cosplay"

Fucked up to think that, within my lifetime, Europe has gone from willingly joining their economies together through a shared currency to fractious and often _very_ racist xenophobia.

The Euro is only barely old enough to vote, folks.

like yeah it's a lot of dev work that someone has to get paid for, but it's dev work that it's downright irresponsible and an abdication of societal responsibility that individual internet users have to pay for

my password manager went subscription-service at one point and I finally caved, and *sigh* it's nice, but man, nothing illustrates the failures of capitalism like the fact that a cross-platform, transparently-syncing, hassle-free password manager isn't available for free

Tangentially, how would you articulate the difference? Often, when I talk to my peers about adult content, they think "porn" in loud, capital letters. I'm not describing porn, although the examples I have in mind are very much pornographic in nature.

What would it take to run a platform for personal, creative content of a horny nature - self expression, personal business, whatever - that isn't also overrun by spambots, revenge porn, child pornography, stolen and reposted content, smear campaigns, and the like?

AO3 is a good case study proving it can be done, and their approach _seems_ to generalize well to visual content, so what's happened when people tried?

Yes, I'm still mad about the Tumblr purge and the recent Twitter policy changes.

Ravelry is taking a solid stance on banning pro-🍊 posts and material.


people don't talk about it often, but the sanitary revolution had a lot more of an impact on people's quality of life than it's given credit for. plumbing, water filtration, germ theory, these are all arguably more important pillars to modern civilization than most industries or economics.

It's just not terribly glorious to celebrate the toilet as a symbol of safety and prosperity.

Trains are a social good. Trains can underpin building social infrastructure.

Built this entire giant fukken space refinery freighter in Space Engineers and was in the mdidle of showing it off to someone when the power to my house went "fuck you, man." Now my machine won't start because the PSU is sulking.

Guess the hint is that it's bedtime.

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