i cannot find the old post where i said this so i'm gonna write it again:

everyone intuitively already knows that the economy is already planned. it's centrally planned in boardrooms of massive corporations to get the largest value for their shareholders. this is why you can google and find nerds excitedly speculating about marvel movies that will come out in 2025. it's only when we're asked to think about it that we revert to the grade-school propaganda idea of the market, supply and demand, and capitalism as something that just "happens," without conscious outside prodding.

the difference between capitalism and socialism isn't central planning, it's that under socialism the planning serves the needs of the whole population, rather than increasing the profits of a tiny few.

When Britney declaims "You better work, bitch," she evinces a fascist, anti-labor ethos of the dancefloor; her promises of a Maserati and a Bugatti are the rags-to-riches lie of USian capitalism which so much of the working class aspires to achieve despite persistently low class mobility. Her alignment with Capital is made clear in the fourth verse: "I make the governor call me the governor." In this essay,

Little Witch Academia is not Harry Potter But Feminine.

Harry reacts to structural inequality by ignoring it until he can screw over a fellow aristocrat with a symbolic but empty gesture. Akko responds to structural inequality by organizing a labour union and striking alongside them until the school administrators agree to meet in good faith and take concrete action to address it.

Harry Potter is part of the problem.

"So what do you call your system of government?" "The Aristocrats!"

So why did they call it TRASH WORLD NEWS when EXA BYTES was right there?

Playin' Eco again. Getting that LEGISLATE ALL THE THINGS energy, and I have to remember to restrain myself! "Not everything needs a rule"

What's mastodon's favourite salad ingredient? 

@owen Toot-ons covered in raunch dressing

canadian colonialism 

Keep seeing canadians going 'rule of law' or indigenous tweep referencing them doing it and, like

if the canadians cared about rule of law they wouldn't be claiming land that wasn't theirs???
'Rule of Law' appears to be the fucking canadian equivalent to the US 'freedom' buzzword. Where it means something completely different than it is.

What's mastodon's favourite salad ingredient? 


So it looks like my landlord has straight-up given up on the progressive leak in my bathroom. The last one, which I reported on the 14th of December, was met with a "sh......t" and nothing else. Today's didn't get a response at all.

I'm still informing him, so that I have a leg to stand on if I go to the LTB, but this is dumb.

Announcing Hellraver (2020)

I am so pleased that this mostly came out the way I wanted it to the first go round. There are tweaks I want to make, and I still have to make a jig to actually permanently affix the sides together, but goddamn. Sometimes a dumb idea works out almost exactly how you envisioned it.

Also it still smells absolutely TERRIBLE XD

#mastoart #hellraiser #LED #horror #WhoLetSashaUseIndustrialEquipment #NotAfterLastTime #OhNoNotAgain

@owen this is one of my favourite graphs, about the appearance of empiricism and experimental terminology in published economics papers. The idea that economics as a field should have a basis in empirical evidence has not been around as long as The Simpsons.

Beware of totalizing relationships - with people and with products and services.

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