people don't talk about it often, but the sanitary revolution had a lot more of an impact on people's quality of life than it's given credit for. plumbing, water filtration, germ theory, these are all arguably more important pillars to modern civilization than most industries or economics.

It's just not terribly glorious to celebrate the toilet as a symbol of safety and prosperity.

Trains are a social good. Trains can underpin building social infrastructure.

Built this entire giant fukken space refinery freighter in Space Engineers and was in the mdidle of showing it off to someone when the power to my house went "fuck you, man." Now my machine won't start because the PSU is sulking.

Guess the hint is that it's bedtime.

talking to @wlonk about the notion of prompt critical heebie jeebies

Food, beer 

i... yep. this is me right now
i can't

(c/o @owen 🙇‍♀️)

Honestly it’s a crime that nobody has seen Cutie Honey (2004, dir. Hideaki Anno) due to it being the absolute perfect superhero movie

What if we all just stopped with new features altogether and focused only on things like reducing power usage, older hardware support, and security until we had a sustainable computing platform?

In that they're a surprisingly useful way to connect to like-minded people, a bit weird if you're not used to them, and rely on sticking GIFs on your website to function.

Support your local humans.

A Patreon button is just a grown-up webring button.

How can I get into #NES #ROM #hacking?

I just want to do a text dump from a game. I opened up the ROM in a hex editor and I actually found a small portion of the game's text in ASCII (and had a bit of fun changing it slightly and then playing the ROM to see my changes). I wasn't sure if the NES used ASCII at all!

Anyway, I can't find the rest of the text, so how do people get started on these things?

@vogon Goooood grief. BMO (Canada) charges $11/mo any month you're under two grand and I consider _that_ highway robbery. That's bonkers.

Louder for the folks in back who just joined us, and may not have run into this yet:

If you're designing an interface for users with a keyboard and a mouse, and an experienced user has to switch to the mouse to operate it, you have driven the time per interaction up by an entire order of magnitude.

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