A very specific kind of salt in a very specific sort of wound.

"Elmer Gantry" (1960); impressions, no spoilers 

Boy howdy was that ever uncomfortable to watch. Burt Lancaster _nailed_ the mannerisms, rhetorical rhythm, and mindset of the very same hucksters I've seen and had the misfortune of working with.

I wish we had been taught this book and movie very early in high school. The text is out of copyright in Canada and I've tracked down an epub from Project Gutenberg: gutenberg.ca/ebooks/lewiss-elm (PGC #1633).

I really didn't enjoy watching it but it was good.

I feel like a lot of people tend to conflate "is a social construct" and "is not real" and I want to be really specific hear that social constructs are probably the only thing we're capable of experiencing _completely for themselves_. They're as real as it gets.

Unattended catboys will be given an espresso and a furry.

> When vessel are in sight of one another, a power-driven vessel underway, when manoeuvring as authorised or required by these Rules, shall indicate that manoeuvre by the following signals on her whistle […]

idgi, why is this so widely-referenced?

I want smaller sites run by less profitable businesses that charge more and I'm not kidding

I'm not sure who needs to hear this, but sending stimulus cheques to people just so they can pay their rent is nothing more than a one time landlord subsidy. Renters will have the eviction gun pressed back into their temples in thirty days, only difference is it'll be colder outside. Collecting rent during a winter pandemic is extortion.

Realization: "easy peasy lemon squeezy" is in fact plural. If only one thing is easy, the correct singular is "easus peasus lemon squeezus".

The OSI folks are shills for neoliberal capitalization of free labour.

if your economy cannot survive without mass human sacrifice i need you to seriously consider that your economy is a death god

It is perhaps worth noting that cloud CI services' pricing "makes sense" when priced against the cost of having a team whose job is build systems. This is business function bureaucratization and elimination at its finest, and I think _in that context_ outsourcing it works.

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So, what’s my time worth?

- Pay the vendors,
- Set up my own CI infra, or
- Figure out how to do binary builds and installables for Python

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Some of this stems from the decision to build a lot of Python versions, "on demand", which means that Python gets built from source three times in the test suite. That's where the huge majority of the testing time goes.

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- There’s Github Actions, but the billing is similar to CircleCI’s. For enough minutes for a reasonable number of builds, that’s gonna be around $21/user/month (“Enterprise” plan).

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- I couldn’t get the tests to run at all on Travis, because of kernel/libc compatibility issues mediated by Docker, so that’s out.

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- Jenkins is notoriously fiddly to operate and requires Sysadmin Time, as well as some notion of users to fall back on, thus a surprising number of prerequisite systems as well. However, it can be run in a cheap AWS instance for about $8/mo, maybe less with reserved instances.

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- CircleCI mostly Just Works, given a config that doesn’t require extensive knowledge of the CI infrastructure to read (although it did require that to write it). However, for my project, where tests require docker and run for 30+ minutes, it gets into a USD 70/month plan real quick.

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turning the knob labelled “throw money at it”/“throw time at it” up and down while looking back at the audience for approval (a thread)

Been reading Simone Caroti's "The Culture Series of Iain M. Banks", wherein he argues that the Culture is what Moylan termed a "critical utopia": a society & narrative not meant to be perfect or complete, but a schismatic, self-interrogating, dialectic concerned with questioning and reframing the society's own goodness. Also, as Moylan would have it, a work intended to be read not only as literature but as an argument to spark (or problematize?) real-world political actions.

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