@sashakovich It has happened. i needed an easy in to return to Inktober after performances, being sick, and trying to figure out some life stuff.

@owen at least it's not the feet?

Hey! i put together a mashup of a couple few lists i had to hand, and while there are 31 prompts, there’s no numbers by them in the hopes that i don’t feel super anxious about working through something i am not feeling on a particular day.

Please feel free to use the list and/or method!!

Have fun out there, friends!

tfw you call out a company in your cover letter... "Before we get into it though, I have to ask, what do you mean by "*don't be a lazy fucker, push yourself"? (I've included a screencap for context)"

We recently had to get BluCatte shaved, and then had to get him a sweater (it's cold!!) and now he's just some kid who's hogging the phone.

Hello, it's Thursday and as such it's time for the weekly cat delivery.

To mark the beginning of the new con season, a very mod Mary Jane (now bring me those pics of Spiderman).

Man, i remember when i used to draw these dorks every day. Time to get back at that, then.

It's not the prettiest thing that i've ever made, but i'm getting back into the swing of things, and at least it's something that's DONE.


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