anxiety, work, request for help 

Over the last couple years, i have been taking xanax pretty much nightly, as it's the only way to get me to keep to a daywalker approved sleep schedule. Which is... not really sustainable in the long run?

To that end, i am looking to quit my day job in the next couple months and will be looking to up my freelancing/personal projects game. The issue with the latter being hella ADHD, and a lot of trauma and poor mechanisms in place for finishing things.

pls halp?

anxiety, work, request for help 

@liaish one thing that's huge for me is using blue blocking glasses in the evening and avoiding any bright light. (A lot of folks use apps like flux, but to shift your circadian rhythm, they're not nearly enough.)


anxiety, work, request for help 

@elplatt i appreciate the thought, but this is literally a problem i have had since i was old enough to form memories. i just have sleep dysphasia, which is exacerbated by other conditions (also, i have tried all of this, for years at a go and it just doesn't help)

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anxiety, work, request for help 

@elplatt So the point of this exercise, is not trying to force myself to fit a mold i was never meant to squeeze into, but to shape things to better support me living.

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