anxiety, work, request for help 

Over the last couple years, i have been taking xanax pretty much nightly, as it's the only way to get me to keep to a daywalker approved sleep schedule. Which is... not really sustainable in the long run?

To that end, i am looking to quit my day job in the next couple months and will be looking to up my freelancing/personal projects game. The issue with the latter being hella ADHD, and a lot of trauma and poor mechanisms in place for finishing things.

pls halp?

anxiety, work, request for help 

@liaish *fistbump* Wish I had any sort of advice, but all I've got is "damn, that sucks."

Is there a group setting that you can get together regular like to work on your personal projects? The light-socializing and everyone understanding that I'm going to lapse from conversation has been a boon.


anxiety, work, request for help 

@sashakovich Thank you so much for the solidarity as...


i should really look into the group setting, and once i get things set with a therapist, see about maybe switching up on the wellbutrin over to adderal or some such to help get over the hump. @_@

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anxiety, work, request for help 

@liaish :blobcatheart: Wish the country weren’t so dang big. There’s always a spot at our table for you to bring your crafts.

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