question: Are people interested in seeing sketchy things and doodles?

i'm trying to get into the practice of sharing my work regularly again, and y'all? It's hard. So i figure maybe some lowkey stuff is a good way to start?


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This is some of the best economic modeling I've seen, period, so obviously it's NOT being done by economists 🤔

tl;dr Even in idealized conditions where everyone starts out on equal footing, and all transactions are fair, market economies will inevitably tend towards highly unequal wealth distribution (i.e. oligarchy), simply due to quirks of statistics. If anyone paid attention, this would be the end of all talk of "meritocracy".

Hey WordPress people! i have some WooCommerce questions, and would really appreciate some help if you have the time :heart:

Thanks in advance!!

tfw you are job hunting, trying to pick up more freelance work, and are still at your soul sucking dayjob @_@

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"Tell a scary story!"
"Once upon a time, leaders were vain and corrupt-"
"That's not fiction!"
"- and monsters only concerned with gold were burning-
"Still not fiction."
"- the world. And..."
"And people lost hope and gave up."
"I'll make sure that's fiction!"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Each time I see that article about the 5 hour workday, I’m struck by a vast feeling of longing for what I could accomplish if I worked 9–1 to earn a living and could spend the rest of my time learning, creating, and enjoying my limited time on earth.

@sashakovich It has happened. i needed an easy in to return to Inktober after performances, being sick, and trying to figure out some life stuff.

@owen at least it's not the feet?

i needed this today:

“If you’re actually serious about treating burnout — yours, your partners, your future children’s — you have to be serious about treating it for people you might not even know. If you want to actually make life better, more livable, less of a slog for yourself, that involves making it better for a whole lot of other people as well. . . You don’t need a better organizational app. You just need to legitimately and actionably care about other people.”

Hey! i put together a mashup of a couple few lists i had to hand, and while there are 31 prompts, there’s no numbers by them in the hopes that i don’t feel super anxious about working through something i am not feeling on a particular day.

Please feel free to use the list and/or method!!

Have fun out there, friends!

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Appreciate any retweets or leads for potential contractors. It’s the rarest of unicorns: a paid position to do Open Source development.
We’re looking for an Android developer with NDK and JNI experience to help us improve @PyBeeWare’s Android integration. It’s a paid gig; do you know someone? Details available here

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Help i3 Detroit get $50k in matching funds! They're a Detroit-area community hackerspace/makerspace, totally run by volunteer members.

anxiety, work, request for help 

Over the last couple years, i have been taking xanax pretty much nightly, as it's the only way to get me to keep to a daywalker approved sleep schedule. Which is... not really sustainable in the long run?

To that end, i am looking to quit my day job in the next couple months and will be looking to up my freelancing/personal projects game. The issue with the latter being hella ADHD, and a lot of trauma and poor mechanisms in place for finishing things.

pls halp?

liaish boosted "My roommate got super stoned a couple weeks back and found out you can order a personalized big toblerone. He immediately forgot about it until it showed up last night"

New podcast idea courtesy of chatting with folks last night: La Joie de Cuisiner with Jean Luc in which old man Picard is just trying to be a youtube cooking personality and spread the farm to table lifestyle, but keeps getting interrupted by intergalactic politics

Will probs start researching recipes when i should be working on other shit, and writing scripts in a couple weeks

alcohol, Koch mention, revelry 

The official drink of celebrating the death of Koch 1:
1 part goldschlager
1 part vanilla vodka
Coke Zero to taste

Like to deny Koch 1 the coins to cross Styx, drink to send Koch 2 down to join him more quickly

kvetching, dogs, dog owners 

What is it about dog owners and their inability to understand that dogs can be *utterly terrifying* especially to people who generally don't deal in dogs? Like, how is that hard to understand?

Also, barking isn't cute, it isn't fun, and seriously ugh

book thoughts - hard copies 

At this point in my life, i just *cannot* deal with doorstoppers. i'm not 13 anymore, i don't have the wrist strength.

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