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Anyone working on cool free software for collaboration that I might not know about?

If you like heist movies, and near future dystopian action-thrillers, i think you may dig 'em!

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Do you write JavaScript for the web? Want to join a collaborative team with flexible hours and competitive pay that's remote-first and tries to do the work to promote and value diversity in the tech world?


Thanks, robocalls, setting off some intense PTSD feels. You are *exactly* what i needed to end my week on :|

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We recently had to get BluCatte shaved, and then had to get him a sweater (it's cold!!) and now he's just some kid who's hogging the phone.

Definitely having one of those "i am not immediately the best at this thing, so obviously i am terrible and should never do any damn thing," sorta days.

Thanks 'gifted' programs, and further reinforcement from family and nerd culture. Real great :|

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Flexbox makes centering an item horizontally and vertically much simpler than it used to be!

On the container/parent element, add the following code:

Oh hey, i have this account, and it is real. What's good, frens?

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And before you say "Y2K wasn't a big deal". The reason it wasn't a big deal is because programmers worked hard for years prior to prepare. The 2038 bug will probably get less hype because it's not as obvious and could be more dangerous because it's meant for computer timekeeping.

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Has anyone written a genderqueer history of computer science? I did some Googling and came up with a few websites, but this seems like a book-worthy topic. #lgbt #history


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i'm not a professional hacker or anything but one of my skills is helping people be more anonymous online and some of us need all the help we can get

so if fascism is on the rise in your country i think i can help you with tips to stay safer, although my work alone won't suffice. if you think i can do anything for you, hit me up!

boosts welcome

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just waiting for that wii shop x cruel angels thesis mashup

Does anyone know about Affinity Designer? It's be rad to be able to dump Illustrator, and the price is certainly nice.

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Rep Mary Gay Scanlon just agreed to support #NetNeutrality in the House. Call your reps! Very close to restoring NN protections, but must happen before the end of the year.

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Job posting! Boost it pls: We're pleased to announce that @stencila is hiring two full-time, remote-friendly positions - Product Designer and Software Engineer (Frontend) - please share stenci.la/about/jobs

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the death of the author means that its pronounced gif with a hard g, goddamnit

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