Don't get me wrong, tumblr had warts, and not just nazis. Bone stealing witch, superwholock, Representation Discourse™, the onceler. But it's one of the only social networks that displays posts in chronological order, and actually fosters communities.

And to be honest I'm old enough to remember and miss anonymity. Facebook and Twitter might as well be LinkedIn, seeing as how they're all but a resume. So it looks like Mastodon is my new social network.

I know it'll limp along for some time, but... to be completely honest I'm going to miss tumblr a lot.

Hearing marginalized people just talk about their lives was extremely enlightening, and to be honest being on the tumbls has made me a better, more compassionate, more conscientious person.

And this is just the latest event in a long line of events that makes me wonder what even is happening to the internet.

Me when I working from home and setting my own schedule: "I should start a municipal mesh network because ISPs are rent-seeking parasites."
Me working at an office getting up at 7:15AM: "I should find a way to be awake during the day, and also asleep at night."


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